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needle diameter on the fiber morphology has been reported, it was just an empirical result without any further analysis [ 10 ]. What is more, many studies have been reported in the literature on the effect of solution viscosity on fiber morphology by

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Resolution and Discovery
Authors: Judit Babcsán, Shai Essel, Nahum Karni, György Számel, Sándor Beke and Norbert Babcsán

investigated in the literature using low-pressure or high-pressure die casting and gravity casting [8, 9]. Besides the continuous casting process of ALUHAB production, certain ALUHAB aluminum foams can be casted in liquid form into two-dimensional (2D) (plate

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literature data, we found out that such a parameter as the cooling rate in a substance of extraterrestrial origin could be determined by the residual variation of microstructure. Earlier, several techniques were suggested for measurement of

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International Review of Applied Sciences and Engineering
Authors: Norbert Novák, Péter Miklós Kőmíves, Mónika Harangi-Rákos and Károly Pető

is a growing number of technical literature dealing with the role of the countryside in health preservation. For the collection of statistical data and reports the online databases of HCSO, EUROSTAT, FAO, OECD were used. Collection of articles and

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shortage of literature for results of inelastic/plastic buckling of rectangular thin plates with an unloaded free edge. To validate the accuracy of the present study, the solutions are compared with available data found in the literature. Table 1 shows

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to achieve effective VM scheduling and placement. This paper reviews different areas of literature that deal with the Virtual Machines (VMs) placement onto physical machines (PMs). This survey aims to identify and classify research done in the area of

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analytically. Subsequently, this analytical model is used to evaluate the performance of the VEDs on the dynamic response of two bridges having different lengths that were studied in literature and which were damped by systems using an auxiliary beam that

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used the methodology of the review of the professional literature. Helped with the review of the professional literature applied for summarizing, the topic of Industry 4.0 I could define further research issues through revealing relevant and closely

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The two-dimensional flow around a stationary heated circular cylinder at low Reynolds numbers of 50 < Re < 210 is investigated numerically using the FLUENT commercial software package. The dimensionless vortex shedding frequency (St) reduces with increasing temperature at a given Reynolds number. The effective temperature concept was used and St-Re data were successfully transformed to the St-Reeff curve. Comparisons include root-mean-square values of the lift coefficient and Nusselt number. The results agree well with available data in the literature.

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Increasing building energy performance has become an obligatory objective in many countries. Thermal bridge is a major cause of poor energy performance, durability, and indoor air quality of buildings. This paper starts with a review of thermal bridges and their negative impacts on building energy efficiency. Based on published literatures, various types of building thermal bridges are discussed in this paper, including the most effective solutions to diminish their impacts. In addition, various numerical and experimental studies on the balcony thermal bridge are explored. Results show that among all types of thermal bridges, the exposed balcony slab produces the most challenging thermal bridging problem where an integrated thermal and structural design is required. Using low thermal conductivity materials in building construction could help in reducing the impact of thermal bridges. Finally, further investigations are needed to develop more innovative and effective solutions for the balcony thermal bridge.

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