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1 Introduction Rectangular plates are used as thin-walled structural elements in engineering structures, such as ships, aircrafts, bridges, and offshore structures. Analysis of inelastic buckling of thin rectangular plates is important, especially

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In this research, buckling behavior of rectangular plates of symmetric and antisymmetric laminated composite having centered circular hole under in-plane static loadings is analyzed with the aid of first shear deformation theory and the finite element method is used to find critical loads. The presence of hole may cause redistribution of stresses in plates with reduction of stability. The aim of the current paper is to find critical buckling load. The loads depend on many parameters like geometric aspect ratios (a/b) and (d/b), plate thickness (t), diameter of the circular hole (d), orientation of ply and boundary conditions. Numerical simulations for various boundary conditions obtained are shown in tables and graphical forms and compared with each other.

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Authors: Ivan M. Berezin, Alexandre A. Petunin, Dimtrij I. Kryuchkov and George L. Kovács

] Yu T. X. , Johnson W. , Stronge W. J. Stamping rectangular plates into doubly-curved dies, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C , Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science , Vol

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