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References [1] Klein R. J. T. , Nicholls R. J. , Thomalla F. ( 2003 ), Resilience to natural hazards: How useful is this concept

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2010 Soil-microbiological status and soil resilience with Zn and Cr containing sewage sludge doses Növénytermelés Suppl.59 145 – 148 . [3

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During the architectural planning of modern, complex, block-structured, large-area located, but still landscape-harmonized health-care buildings, the key is the optimal positioning of the blocks and functions, simultaneously ensuring the most-effective backup-paths for any single transportation route failure in the buildings to speed up the operation, reduce the maintenance costs and especially to improve the satisfaction of the patients. Mathematical statements are to be solved with multiple serious challenges when formulating the positioning problem with resilience to the buildings for any single failure. An innovative graph representation referred as link doubling is presented where Minimal cost multi commodity flow problems could be solved.

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Eight descriptive sensory textural attributes of whole date fruit were evaluated by twenty trained panel members and correlated with sixteen physicochemical properties. All sensory parameters, except gumminess, significantly correlated (Ps<0.05) with pectin, crude fibre, and moisture content. In addition, sensory hardness, cohesiveness, elasticity, and resilience correlated significantly with length of whole fruit (P<0.05), sensory adhesiveness with glucose content (P<0.05), sensory chewiness with mass of whole fruit (P<0.05), and sensory gumminess with fructose, glucose, and total sugar content (P<0.10). Sweetness, however, correlated only with moisture content (P<0.05). CA and the biplot (i.e. including all products, their sensory texture and physicochemical attributes) generated through PCA recognized three groups of dates as hard-chewy, soft-(medium-chewy), and soft-(non-adhesive).

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. [14] Fatiguso F. , De Fino M. , Cantatore E. , Caponio V. Resilience of historic built environments: Inherent qualities and potential strategies

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Pollack Periodica
Authors: Gantumur Tsovoodavaa, Rowell Ray Lim Shih, Mohammad Reza Ganjali Bonjar and István Kistelegdi

. Architecture for refugees , resilience shelter project: A case study using recycled skis, Procedia Engineering , Vol. 180 , 2017 , pp. 3 – 1120 . [12] Chong, G. C

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‘built‐in ‘resilience: towards overarching principles for construction practice , Disasters , Vol. 35 , No. 1 , 2011 , pp. 1 ‒ 18 . 10.1111/j.1467-7717.2010.01189.x [16] Faherty K. F. , Williamson T. G. Wood engineering and construction

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