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Since 1968 the Croatian Mathematical Society has issued annual reports on activities of its members in the scientific journal Glasnik Matematički. Based on these data was analysed production of mathematical scientific articles published in national and international journals in the period of forty years. A rough estimate of the intensity and dynamics of the publication shows that the publication of the reference period can be divided into two stages separated by the War in Croatia. After a period of uncertainty of the 2nd World war the period preceding was characterized by establishing new institutes, colleges and university departments. After the War in Croatia a gradual but large increase in the number of published articles was evident, especially in foreign journals. The War diminished technical writing almost to the zero while increase of scientific production was 9 times greater in 2008 than in 1968.

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breads 1 SAMPLE Crust colour 2 Crumb colour 2 Volume 2 (cm 3 ) Specific volume 2 (cm 3 g -1 ) Hardness 2 (N) L* a* L* b* A) SWF 432 a 3.21 a 4.55 c 53.00 d 13.01 a 61.11 cd 14.16 a HPAWF 317 d 2.45 cd 7.37 b 46.42 e 7.21 c 50.71 f 13.72 a HPAWF+ 1% LRS

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