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Improved radionuclide generator include a substantially insoluble salt of a radioactive parent which may be directly packed in column for subsequent elution of the daughter radionuclide. An improved 188Re generator was prepared by reacting a radioactive tungsten (188W) as parent radionuclide incorporated with aluminum chloride to obtain an insoluble radioactive aluminum tungstate matrix. The investigated matrix was characterized on the basis of the chemical composition, IR, thermal analysis and mechanical stabilities. The factors affecting the elution performance were studied such as influence of pH, molar ratio and drying temperature. From the obtained data, the molar ratio W:Al was 1.5:1 at pH = 4, the matrix dried at 105 °C for 2 h. Chromatographic and multichannel analysis has been currently used to investigate the radiochemical and radionuclidic purity respectively on eluted 188Re. An elution yield more than 80%, with radiochemical purity <98% and radionuclidic purity <99% with a 188W break through >10−4% of the column. The Al+3 and W contents value were about 2 and 3 μg/mL eluate. The obtained data approved the stability of the prepared generator and its suitability for medical application.

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