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This article discusses the verse 13 of Pindar's sixth Pythian ode. The manuscripts have «χεράδι», but editors generally accept C. D. Beck's conjecture «χεράδει». The text of the manuscripts is also attested in numerous ancient sources, but «χεράδει» also circulated in antiquity as a varia lectio. The ancient criticism on the Pindaric verse is then examined, taking into consideration the possible reading of Aristarchus of Samothrace (fr. 55 Schironi) and the text of P.Oxy. 5039, which probably had χεράδι.

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Paul the Apostle doggedly spread the message of Christ’s resurrection in the mid 1st century CE. While passing through Ephesus on his way to Macedonia, a mob of locals seized Paul’s travel guides, Gaius and Aristarchus. The Ephesians had been riled up

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