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A survey of scale insects was carried out in Ankara, in Middle Anatolia, Turkey from 2001 to 2003. Twenty-three species belonging to 5 families were recorded. Eleven of these species are new record for Turkey, namely; Exaeretopus agropyri (Hadzibejli), Exaeretopus formiceticola Newstead, Exaeretopus tritici Williams, Chortinaspis subterraneus (Lindinger), Diaspidiotus elaeagni (Borchsenius), Diaspidiotus sulci Balachowsky, Rhizaspidiotus canariensis (Lindinger), Acanthococcus devoniensis (Green), Acanthococcus tavignani Goux, Acanthococcus variabilis Goux, Neomargarodes festucae Archangelskaya and Porphyrophora minuta Borchsenius.

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