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In the seismic source zone of Bánát more than 600 earthquakes are known since 1773 among them six events with magnitude of 5.0–5.7 measured on the surface magnitude scale. The macroseismic reinterpretation of the April 2, 1901 earthquake yields epicentral intensity of VII on the European Macroseismic Scale, and a focal depth value of 12 km. Based on empirical relations the maximum rupture area is estimated as 50–55 km 2 and the maximum displacement along the fault is about 16 cm in the Bánát seismic zone due to the M S = 5.7 event occurred on July 12, 1991. The average recurrence that we may expect an earthquake of M ≥ 3.4 every 1 year, an earthquake of M ≥ 4.3 every 10 years and an earthquake of M ≥ 5.3 every 100 years in the studied source zone. The probabilistic seismic hazard assessment predicts 1.3–2.1 m/sec 2 peak ground accelerations, and 6.7–7.3 maximum (theoretical) earthquake intensity values with 10% chance of exceedance for an exposure time of 100 years in the region.

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WHAT IS RUGA IN BANAT? The celebration of the day of the patron saint of the local church is a custom that is widespread among Christians in various parts of the world. In the plain and mountain areas of the Romanian Banat region, this day is

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Oros E 2003: Seismological Bulletin of Banat Region, Timisoara, Romania (manuscript) Süle B 2010: Central European J. Geosci. , 2, 475–480. Süle B

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Pollack Periodica
Authors: Alina-Maria Nariţa, Vlad Gurza, Răzvan Opriţa, Alexandra Keller, Iasmina Apostol, Marius Moşoarcă, and Cătălina Bocan

. Seismicity of the Banat region , Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Hungarica , Vol. 42 , No. 3 , 2007 , pp. 361 – 374 . [12] Oros E

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Biologia Futura
Authors: Gergely Sámuel Bartha, Gergő Tóth, Péter Horváth, Eszter Kiss, Nóra Papp, and Monika Kerényi

. , Bostan , C. , Samfira , I. ( 2012 ) Determination of mineral contents and antioxidant activity in some plants that contain allelochemicals of Banat region (Western Romania) . Studia

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standardhoz kapcsolódó nyelvi ideológiák a romániai Bánságban [Linguistic ideologies related to standard Hungarian in the Banat region of Romania] . In: Lanstyák , I. , Menyhárt , J. , and Szabómihály , G. (Eds.), Tanulmányok a kétnyelvűségről IV

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disease in the first half of the 18 th century. A medical investigation was initiated by the Habsburg court in 1753 in reaction to the panic provoked by “vampireattacks” among Rumanians and Serbs in the Bánát region. The leading physician, Georg Tallar

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