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Barley yellow dwarf virus-GAV (BYDV-GAV) is one of the most serious viruses on wheat in China. In this study, five BYDV-GAV isolates collected from five regions in Northwestern China were sequenced. The complete genome sequences generated in this study along with nine genome sequences of BYDV-GAV isolates available in GeneBank were compared and analyzed. The comparative analysis indicated that the complete genomes of BYDV-GAV showed a low level of genetic diversity with nucleotide sequence identities ranging between 97.0% and 99.7%, and the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene (ORF1 + ORF2) was the most variable within the complete genome. Phylogenetic analysis indicated that the BYDV-GAV isolates in Northwestern China could be divided into two groups. In addition, two potential recombination events were detected among the 14 BYDV-GAV isolates. This study provided a detailed description of molecular characterization of BYDV-GAV in Northwestern China based on the complete genome sequences, which increased the understanding of genetic diversity of barley yellow dwarf viruses.

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