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Mária Comensoli, who studied under Bartók in the mid-1920s, reports that her teacher used “peculiar fingerings and peculiar wrist and arm technique.” Examining such comments and the recordings of the composer-pianist, it becomes clear that Bartók played the piano partly according to the 19th-century performance practice. He frequently played chords in arpeggio, even when there were no markings of arpeggio in the score, and he respected the tone color of each finger by relying on the technique of leaping. Contemporary documents suggest that one of Bartók’s technical advantages was the flexibility of his wrists. In Bartók’s case it may have been a fruit of a conscious training by István Thomán. The writings of the Liszt-pupil Thomán suggest that, like his master, he valued the “active” use of wrists, even though he basically supported the modern, “synthetic” piano technique propagated by Breithaupt, who consistently recommended the “passive” use of the wrists. It is likely that, through Thomán, Bartók learned many things from the 19th-century performance practice.

Restricted access ) J. Schlatterer and D.E. Breithaupt, J. Agri. Food Chem., 54 , 2267 (2006) Breithaupt DE J. Agri. Food

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.H. Yaowu Fenxi Zazhi 1998 18 308 311 H.J. Kraemer, R. Gehrke, A. Breithaupt, H

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Interventional Medicine and Applied Science
Authors: K. Shanava, Sz. Horváth, F. Karl-Hermann, Sz. Jávor, I. Takács, B. Balatonyi, S. Ferencz, A. Ferencz, E. Rőth, and György Wéber

406 . 7. K.H. Fuchs W. Breithaupt H.J. Kuhl

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Magyar Sebészet
Authors: Laura Bognár, Örs Péter Horváth, Jenő Solt, Gábor Jancsó, and András Vereczkei

Irodalomjegyzék 1 Fuchs KH, Babic B, Breithaupt W, Dallemagne B, Fingerhut A, Furnee E, Granderath F, Horvath P, Kardos P, Pointner R, Savarino E, Van

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European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology
Authors: Markus M. Heimesaat, Gül Karadas, André Fischer, Ulf B. Göbel, Thomas Alter, Stefan Bereswill, and Greta Gölz

40761 ( 2012 ) 20. Golz G , Karadas G , Alutis ME , Fischer A , Kuhl AA , Breithaupt A , et al.: Arcobacter butzleri Induce colonic

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) 27. Golz G , Karadas G , Alutis ME , Fischer A , Kuhl AA , Breithaupt A , et al: Arcobacter butzleri induce colonic, extraintestinal and systemic inflammatory

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) 8. Gölz G , Karadas G , Alutis ME , Fischer A , Kuhl AA , Breithaupt A , Gobel UB , Alter T , Bereswill S , Heimesaat MM : Arcobacter butzleri induce colonic

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Schapker, H., Breithaupt, T., Shuranova, Z., Burmistrov, Y., Cooper, R. L. (2002) Heart and ventilatory measures in cryfish during environmental disturbances and social interactions. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. A 131 , 397-407. Heart

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