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Comparison of two storage techniques (Castellani’s method and freezing) was carried out for 16 isolates of four Fusarium head blight species and 54 isolates of Cochliobolus sativus causing spot blotch and common root rot. The viability, purity and morphological stability of cultures were verified for a one year period. Duplicate isolates were stored as a fungal suspension in sterile distilled water at 4 °C, and fungal cultures by freezing at –16 °C. The viability of 70 isolates was 100% for the two storage methods. Morphological alternations and pathogenic contaminations were not detected. All isolates were able to retain viability, purity and morphological stability by the two tested storage methods for over 12 months. Castellani’s method and freezing were found to be safe, easy, inexpensive and reliable.

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