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Natural phenolic compounds, e.g. ellagitannins, gallotannins, and flavonoid glycosides, from the aerial parts of Erodium cicutarium ( Geraniaceae ) have been isolated and identified. The structures of these compounds were determined by conventional methods of analysis and confirmed by MS and NMR spectral analysis. The distribution of tannins and flavonoids in E. ciconium, E. cicutarium, E. manescavi , and E. pelargoniiflorum were examined by TLC on unmodified silica gel and on silica gel chemically modified with polar and nonpolar groups (HPTLC Si 60, HPTLC Si 60 LiChrospher, HPTLC diol, HPTLC CN, and HPTLC RP-18W).

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Schutzenhofer, M.R. and Valone, T.J. 2006. Positive and negative effects of exotic Erodium cicutarium on an arid ecosystem. Biol. Conserv. 132: 376–381. Valone T.J. Positive and

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