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Pollack Periodica
Authors: Mimoza Sylejmani, Gabriella Medvegy, and Lulzim Beqiri

The paper deals with the analysis of the fortified dwellings - Kulla, which were constructed in Kosovo since XVIII–XIX century. As a case study, one took the Kulla, which were constructed in the Plain of Dukagjin. These types of dwellings were not constructed solely in Kosovo, but also in other countries of the region, that is: Northern Albania, Macedonia, and Montenegro. In Kosovo, the major parts of these buildings were constructed in the Plain of Dukagjin. Usually these buildings were constructed in two and three floors.

Characteristic feature of these buildings is the division of functions in vertical direction.

The research is based on the literature, analysis of the buildings, the research that was done up to now, including the interviewing of the persons-owners of the Kullas.

The aim was to get an understanding on the purpose of constructing the Kulla in vertical manner.

Kulla was analyzed in functional, architectural, constructive and condition aspect, which it offers to its inhabitants. There are a lot of factors that influenced on the construction of these buildings, one of them being the climate. Kosovo is characterized by a harsh climate during cold season of the year, which influenced on the relatively low height of the floors. Another feature is limited lighting in the ground floor, which increases steadily going further up to the last floor, as well as through the embrasures used for fire arms.

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solve the difficulty in CWA, this research adopts a property-function based approach. The property addresses ‘what a system is or has’, and expresses a specific characteristic of a system or its sub-systems; the function addresses ‘what a system does or

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weights, Christoffel functions, and Jacobi polynomials SIAM J. Math. Anal. 25 602 – 614 10.1137/S0036141092236863 . [3] Erdélyi

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ultraspherical and Hankel conjugate functions , Can. J. Math. 27 ( 1975 ), 162 – 171 . MR 50#10668 [2] A ndersen , K. F. , Weighted norm inequalities for Hilbert

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continuous functions defined by generalized open sets on generalized topological spaces Acta Math. Hungar. 128 299 – 306 10.1007/s10474-009-9037-6 . [10

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's function or how two different technologies are used in a particular technology area. To address this problem, this research uses the concept of function to identify technology trends. Savransky ( 2000 ) defines “function” as “The action changing a

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Bagchi, B. , The statistical behaviour and universality properties of the Riemann zeta-function and other allied Dirichlet series , PhD Thesis, Calcutta, Indian Statistical Institute, 1981

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Orvosi Hetilap
Authors: György Gámán, Fanni Gelley, Zsuzsa Gerlei, Eszter Dabasi, Dénes Görög, Imre Fehérvári, László Kóbori, Gabriella Lengyel, Gergely Zádori, János Fazakas, Attila Doros, Enikő Sárváry, and Balázs Nemes

.: Calcineurin inhibitor-sparing regimens in solid organ transplantation: focus on improving renal function and nephrotoxicity. Clin. Transplant., 2008, 22 , 1–15. Klintmalm G. Calcineurin

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