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Authors: Nassraddin Ghroda and Victoria Gould


We examine, in a general setting, a notion of inverse semigroup of left quotients, which we call left I-quotients. This concept has appeared, and has been used, as far back as Clifford’s seminal work describing bisimple inverse monoids in terms of their right unit subsemigroups. As a consequence of our approach, we find a straightforward way of extending Clifford’s work to bisimple inverse semigroups (a step that has previously proved to be awkward). We also put some earlier work of Gantos into a wider and clearer context, and pave the way for further progress.

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Authors: V. A. Drebushchak, Zh. N. Fedorova and E. F. Sinyakova

The decay of a monosulphide solid solution (mss) with the composition (Fe1−1Nix)0.96S was investigated by means of differential scanning calorimetry in the temperature range, from 20 to 305‡C. Thermal effects of various natures were detected:i)Ordering-disordering in the Fe-Ni sublattice near 100‡C.ii)Pentlandite exsolution (exothermal peak); the peak temperature varies from 180 to 240‡C and depends on the initial composition; the higher the Ni content, the lower the exsolution temperature.iii)Magnetic-paramagnetic transition. The transition temperature decreases down to 220‡C as the Fe∶Ni ratio is decreased from 10∶0 to 4∶6.

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