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The fragment we are editing here for the first time is a specimen of a new genre of Old Uygur literature. It is a memorandum or an account on the early years of the West Uygur Kingdom of Qočo. The leaf is the 22nd of an ötüg that contains a vivid text changing between prose and verse reflecting the literary heritage of the Old Uygurs. Supposing that the work was written during the Yuan period (13th to 14th centuries) we have to admit that it is an ambitious work of historical retelling political, military, and cultural events that took place at least two centuries before. Since the 62 lines are completely preserved, this text presents a new valuable source for further studies on Old Uygur.

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Here we edit a second leaf of an Old Uigur manuscript preserved in the Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage. While the leaf published in 2011 is an account of the history of the West Uigur Kingdom of Qočo, the present text refers to the early years of Buddhism as well as to the relationship between religion and state, the inner and outer sphere in Old Uigur historiography. We consider the possibility that the manuscript was a kind of World History.

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: An Overview . ’ Transactions of the International Conference of Eastern Studies 50 : 67 – 82 . Matsui , Dai 2008a . ‘Uigur käzig and the Origin of Taxation Systems in the Uigur Kingdom of Qočo . ’ Türk Dilleri Araştırmaları 18 : 229 – 242

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of Qočo . ’ Türk Dilleri Araştırmaları 18 : 229 – 242 . Matsui Dai 2010a . ‘Nishi uiguru jidai no uigurubun kyōshutsu meirei monjo wo megutte 西ウイグル時代のウイグル文供出命令文書をめぐって [Three Uigur Administrative Orders for Delivery of the 10 th –12 th

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