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The solid complexes of Cr(NO3)3 with L-α-amino acids (AA=Val, Leu, Thr, Arg, Phe and Try) have been prepared in 95% alcoholic, the compositions of which were identified as the general formula Cr(AA)2(NO3)32H2O by elemental and chemical analyses. The bonding characteristics of the title complexes were characterized by IR, indicating that nitrogen and oxygen atoms in the ligands coordinated to Cr3+ in a bidentate fashion. With the aid of TG-DTG and IR techniques, the complexes were subjected to thermal decomposition in an atmosphere of oxygen, presuming that the decompositions of the complexes consist of two steps and the complexes were decomposed into chromium hemitrioxide after undergoing dehydration and skeleton splitting of the complexes. The constant volume energies of combustion of the complexes were determined by a RBC-P type rotating-bomb calorimeter. According to Hess's law, the standard enthalpies of formation of the complexes were calculated as (-1831.404.40), (-2542.036.13), (-1723.813.99), (-2224.313.02), (-2911.616.53) and (-659.327.42) kJ mol-1, respectively.

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. Di , YY , Tan , ZC , Li , LW , Gao , SL 2006 Thermochemistry on the coordination compounds of zinc sulphate with several L-a-amino acids . J Chem Thermodyn 38 : 884 – 888 10.1016/j.jct.2005.09.006 . 9

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