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New K/Ar ages and paleomagnetic data connected with volcano-tectonic observations detected three intermediate (andesitic) and three acidic (dacitic-rhyolitic) magmatic phases. Cserhát magmatic activity occurred between 21-12 Ma. The timing of the initial and final acidic and intermediate phases may be connected with the Mátra volcano situated to the east. During the Badenian (15-14 Ma) the volcano-tectonic evolution was relatively independent in the Cserhát Mts. The third acidic and intermediate volcanic phases, which developed in the Lower Sarmatian, show similar features as the final phases of the Mátra volcano. Based on the major and trace element geochemistry the acidic rocks result from partial melting of the lower crust. Most of the intermediate volcanic rocks were generated from a rather homogeneous fluid-modified source (lithospheric), as triggered by an important heat transfer event. Initial melts sometimes experienced mixing or contamination in the lower or upper crust. This was a period of strong extensive tectonics. The rock of the second and third intermediate phases suggests minor fractional crystallization in the intermediary magma chamber(s).

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Acta Geologica Hungarica
Authors: Tibor Zelenka, Endre Balázs, Kadosa Balogh, János Kiss, and at. al.

71 79 Ravasz, Cs. 1982: A magyarországi medenceterületek miocén vulkanizmusa (Miocene volcanism of the Hungarian basin areas). - Manuscript. Ravasz

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method). Balogh , K. , Z. Pécskay , V. Székyné-Fux , P. Gyarmati 1983 : Chronology of Miocene volcanism in North-East Hungary . — Ann. Inst. Geol. Geofizica A, 61 , 151 p

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(Cserhát Mountains, Hungary) was formed during the Miocene volcanism and the andesite from Recsk (Mátra Mountains, Hungary) was formed in the Eocene. Both rock materials show quite homogenous fabrics. Fig. 1 Location

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Central European Geology
Authors: Zsófia Pálos, István János Kovács, Dávid Karátson, Tamás Biró, Judit Sándorné Kovács, Éva Bertalan, Anikó Besnyi, György Falus, Tamás Fancsik, Martina Tribus, László Előd Aradi, Csaba Szabó, and Viktor Wesztergom

. Zelenka 2007 : Miocene volcanism in the Visegrád Mountains, Hungary: An integrated approach and regional implications . – Geologica Carpathica , 58 , pp. 541 – 563

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