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The performances of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) by CO/H2 over two Pd/TiO2/Al2O3 catalysts prepared from PdCl2 and Pd(NO3)2 precursors were compared. The catalytic activities (NOx conversion and N2 yield) were measured on these two catalysts. The catalytic properties of the prepared catalysts were studied by various characterization techniques such as BET, CO-chemisorption, TEM, XPS, and TPD. The Pd precursors influenced the Pd particle distribution, resulting in different catalytic activities.

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. The second route used is the wet impregnation of a sol-gel derived Al 2 O 3 –ZrO 2 binary oxide prepared by using the same alkoxides mentioned above. A weighed amount of Pd precursor, either Pd(C 5 H 7 O 2 ) 2 or Pd(NO 3 ) 2 was dissolved in an

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. Preparation of supported Pd catalysts Supported Pd catalysts were prepared by the impregnation method using bis(acetylacetonato)palladium Pd(II)(acac) 2 as a Pd precursor. The amount of Pd loading was fixed to be 2 wt%. Supports were immersed in

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