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Germanicus Iulius Caesar translated Aratus’ Phaenomena when the Roman interest in astronomy and astrology was on the rise. The Romans, including the imperator, were amazed by the fact that with the knowledge of the motion of celestial objects one can predict the future. And people wanted to learn more about the stars and the constellations. Did Germanicus’ work perform the task of teaching its readers about the heavens? Did he manage to play his role as a teacher? Did he only translate the information contained in Aratus’ text, or did he transfer even the didactic aspect of the poem? And how did he try to make the lecture more interesting? Did he make an attempt to interact with the reader? In this paper, Germanicus’ text will be examined focusing on his didactic strategy. The core of the paper is the analysis of manners used by Germanicus to meet characteristic constituent features of the genre of didactic poetry, which will be briefly introduced in the beginning.

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The uranium sorption from aqueous solutions (concentration range 50–20.000 mg/l) by the sodium-form (Na-form) of HEU-type zeolite crystals (particle-size <20 m) has been investigated by means of a batch-type method. The INAA, RI-XRF, powder-XRF, SEM-EDS and FT-IR techniques were used for the study of the experimental products. The absolute uranium uptake by the material reached the value of 11.68 mg/g in the case of initial concentraton 20,000 mg/l. On the other hand theK d-values indicated that the relative uranium uptake, and consequently the percentage of removal, is higher for concentrations below 100 mg/l. The uranium uptake by the zeolite is attributed to different sorption processes such as ion-exchange, adsorption and surface precipitation, taking place both to the interior and the surface of the crystals and strongly depending on the pH of the solutions. The investigated zeolitic material was sufficiently resistant at the low initial pH of the solutions with dealumination phaenomena only observed in the case of the most acidic solution used.

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