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Priscian’s Institutiones grammaticae is a systematic exposition of Latin grammar. Among the writings of George of Trebizond (Georgius Trapezuntius, 1395–ca. 1474) there is a grammar entitled De partibus orationis ex Prisciano compendium, a grammatical catechism written in Venice in the early 1430s. The primary aim of the present paper is to analyse Trebizond’s procedure in “condensing” Priscian, and to give a comparison of the Institutiones grammaticae with the De partibus orationis ex Prisciano compendium.

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The detailed treatment of the Latin supine has been neglected both in scholarly literature and in language teaching, even though it is a very ancient form that has survived in an interesting way and was used even in late Latin. The fact that the Latin supine has a parallel in Sanskrit deserves attention. In this study I demonstrate that Priscian projected the Latin usage of his own time back to classical Latin, which fact was nevertheless not detrimental to his credibility.

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