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The chromatographic behavior of some antiarrhythmic compounds has been studied on commercially available TLC plates coated with octylsilane and octadecylsilane silica gel (RP-C8 and RP-C18, respectively) with organic-aqueous mobile phases containing citrate or acetate buffers at different pH. The best separations of individual and mixed drug standards were achieved on both RP-C8 and RPC18 with 3:7 ( v/v ) tetrahydrofuran-citrate buffer pH 4.45 as mobile phase. To determine the usefulness of these chromatographic systems for analysis of tablet samples, flecainide acetate was identified and quantified by UV densitometry at two wavelengths, 225 and 310 nm. Linear relationships were obtained between peak height or peak area and amount in the range 6.0 to 12.0 μg per spot, the correlation coefficient, r , was ∼0.990. The method was successfully applied to the analysis of flecainide in a pharmaceutical preparation, with satisfactory precision (RSD 1.14–5.93%) and accuracy (96.19–103.59%).

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