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The retention (R M) values of nine one-point adsorption model compounds: diphenylamine, indol, 2-naphtol, 1-naphtol, 1-naphtylamine, 4-toluidine, carbazole, 4-chloraniline, and thymol were investigated on silica gel using six modifiers: acetone, dioxane, hexane, isopropanol, methylethylketone, ethyl acetate, and tetrahydrofurane (in hexane). These compounds showed small but visible curvilinearity of dependence of R M vs. modifier concentration. This curvilinearity is very similar among the investigated compounds, so relative differences of extrapolated R M are almost the same (strictly intercorrelated) regardless of the regression technique used. We have compared several robust and weighted regression methods and investigated their impact on extrapolated values. It can be concluded that one should primarily consider weighted regression with 1/x weights during retention extrapolation. It seems to be a better alternative than classical regression (better extrapolation) and also better than polynomial approaches (better stability).

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Bieniek, M. and Szynal, D. , Characterizations of distributions via linearity of regression of generalized order statistics. Metrika , 58 (2007), 259–271. Szynal D

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Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Authors: Mohamed Ali Gorsane, Michel Reynaud, Jean-Luc Vénisse, Cindy Legauffre, Marc Valleur, David Magalon, Mélina Fatséas, Isabelle Chéreau-Boudet, Alice Guilleux, JEU Group, Gaëlle Challet-Bouju and Marie Grall-Bronnec

(psychiatric comorbidities and personality profile), and gambling characteristics was performed first. To examine the contribution of all the variables for predicting the presence of GDRIA (DSM8− vs. DMS8+), we performed a two-step multiple logistic regression

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Fuzzy c-means clustering and Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS) [J] . Expert Systems with Applications , 38 , 1866 – 1875 . Desai , V.S. , Crook , J.N. and

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Garbage-Can Regressions and Garbage-Can Probits Where They Belong . Conflict Management and Peace Science 22 ( 4 ): 327 – 339 . Allingham , M. – Sandmo , A. ( 1972 ): Income Tax

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Koenker, R. (2000): Galton, Edgeworth, Frisch, and Prospects for Quantile Regression in Econometrics. Journal of Econometrics , 95(2): 347–374. Koenker R. Galton, Edgeworth, Frisch, and

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Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Authors: Mihaela-Ligia Ungureşan, Andrada Măicăneanu, Francisc-Vasile Dulf, Eva-Henrietta Dulf and Delia Maria Gligor

, modifications to a number of similar phenomena such as ion exclusion and ligand exchange [ 9 ]. Linear regression analysis has been the most commonly used technique to evaluate the fit of experimental data and isotherm models for ion exchange on natural

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, A. B. & Chittleborough , D. J., 1995. Further results on prediction of soil properties from terrain attributes: heterotopic cokriging and regression-kriging. Geoderma. 67 . 215–226. Chittleborough D J

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Community Ecology
Authors: L.T. Waser, S. Stofer, M. Schwartz, M. Küchler, E. Ivits and C. Scheidegger

Lehmann, A., J. M. Overton and M. P. Austin. 2002. Regression models for spatial prediction: their role for biodiversity and conservation. Biodiversity and Conservation 11: 2085-2092. Regression models for spatial prediction

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Knight, P. G. (1993): Relationship between the levels of atresia and inhibin contents in morphologically dominant follicles during their growth and regression phases of development in cattle. Biol. Reprod. 48 , 268

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