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-retardant epoxy resins. As an alternative to halogenated flame retardants, which release toxic gases and corrosive smoke during combustion [ 4 ], silicon-containing flame retardants have been considered environmental friendly because it can reduce the

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Eštoková A, Kovalcíková M., Sicáková A. Leaching of calcium and silicon from cement composites in sulphate environment, CEST 2013: Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology , 5–7 September 2013, Athens, Greece

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The measurement of impurities, specifically; the combination of magnesium, silicon and aluminum, in polymers and in mixed additives is a common problem for industrial application of neutron activation analysis (NAA). Typically this problem can be addressed using XRF and ICP. However, in some cases, the available sample size, desired detection limit and the desired accuracy prohibit the use of XRF or ICP. Therefore under these requirements, as in the measurement of talc in milligram size polymer fibers, using NAA has become a niche for nuclear analytical applications. Other important advantages, apart from high precision and lower detection limit, are the non-destructive nature of the analysis and the minimal sample preparation necessary to carry out the measurement. Therefore, polymers such as polyethylene, polystyrene or poly-carbonate can be analyzed for these metals as organic solutions, beads, films, pellets or powders. This paper highlights some of the recent improvements made to the Dow NAA measurement facility to accomplish this task.

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(Fitch, 1856) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in corn . Rev. Agrar. 8 , 23 – 29 . Alves , A. O. , Santos , M. M. B. , Souza , L. J. N. , Souza , E. B. and Mariano , R. L. R. ( 2015 ): Use of silicon for reducing the severity of bacterial wilt of

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Authors: V. Koval, Y. Yasievich, M. Dusheyko, A. Ivashchuk, O. Bogdan, and Y. Yakymenko

A. Kozanecki, On the role of Yb as an impurity in the excitation of Er 3+ emission in silicon-rich silicon oxide, Optical Materials, 28, 850–854 (2006). Kozanecki A. On the role

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Resolution and Discovery
Authors: G. Z. Radnóczi, Th. Stelzner, V. A. Sivakov, J. Stoimenos, S. H. Christiansen, and B. Pécz

, Plentz J , Falk F , Christiansen SH : Silicon nanowire-based solar cells on glass: synthesis, optical properties, and cell parameters . Nano Lett 9 , 1549 – 1554 ( 2009 ) 4

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silicon on expression of resistance to sugarcane borer ( Diatraea saccharalis ). J. Am. Soc. Sugar Cane Tech. 21 , 43 – 50 . Assis , F. A. , Moraes , J. C. , Silveira , L. C. P. , Francoso , J. , Nascimento , A. M. and Antunes , C. S

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. Study of silicon effects on antioxidant enzyme activities and osmotic adjustment of wheat under drought stress . Czech J. Genet. Plant Breed. 47 : 17 – 27 . Ahmed , M. , Fayyaz

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Introduction Porous silicon (PS) was known for scientists since 1950s. In 1956, Uhlirs [ 1 ] revealed a microstructure form of silicon, it was a black film on the surface of wafers. The porous nature of this film was studied by

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Cereal Research Communications
Authors: A. Sattar, M.A. Cheema, T. Abbas, A. Sher, M. Ijaz, M.A. Wahid, and M. Hussain

References Agarie , S. , Uchida , H. , Agata , W. , Kubota , F. , Kaufman , P.B. 1998 . Effects of silicon on transpiration and leaf conductance in rice

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