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Acta Microbiologica et Immunologica Hungarica
Authors: A. Pár, Mária Takács, Judit Brojnás, Gy. Berencsi, Mária Paál, Margit Horányi, A. Miseta, G. Hegedűs, Gy. Mózsik and B. Hunyady

Naumov, N. V.: TT virus - highly prevalent, but still in search of a disease. J Hepatol 33 , 157-159 (2000). TT virus - highly prevalent, but still in search of a disease J Hepatol

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Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Authors: Mária Takács, Ágnes Dencs, Csenge Csiszár, Andrea Hettmann, Erzsébet Rusvai, Katalin Szomor, Vilmos Pálfi and Béla Nagy

Abe, K., Inami, T., Asano, K., Miyoski, C., Masaki, N., Hayaski, S., Ishikawa, K., Tokebe, Y., Win, K. M., El-Zayadi, A. R., Han, K. H. and Zhang, D. Y. (1999): TT virus infection is widespread in the general

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, S., Tsuda, F., Yoshikawa, A.: Heterogeneous distribution of TT virus of distinct genotypes in multiple tissues from infected humans. Virology 288 , 358–368 (2001). Yoshikawa A

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TT virus infection and cirrhosis in liver transplant patients. Hepat Mon. 2015; 15: e28370. 22 zur Hausen H, de Villiers EM. TT viruses: oncogenic or tumor

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