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A novel complex [Ni(H2O)4(TO)2](NO3)2·2H2O (TO = 1,2,4-triazole-5-one) was synthesized and structurally characterized by X-ray crystal diffraction analysis. The decomposition reaction kinetic of the complex was studied using TG-DTG. A multiple heating rate method was utilized to determine the apparent activation energy (E a) and pre-exponential constant (A) of the former two decomposition stages, and the values are 109.2 kJ mol−1, 1013.80 s−1; 108.0 kJ mol−1, 1023.23 s−1, respectively. The critical temperature of thermal explosion, the entropy of activation (ΔS ), enthalpy of activation (ΔH ) and the free energy of activation (ΔG ) of the initial two decomposition stages of the complex were also calculated. The standard enthalpy of formation of the new complex was determined as being −1464.55 ± 1.70 kJ mol−1 by a rotating-bomb calorimeter.

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