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Clayton, R.A. (1959): Properties of tobacco polyphenol oxidase. Arch. Biochem. Biophys. , 81 , 404–417. Clayton R

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., Agnel, J. P., Tronchet, M., Ponchet, M., Blein, J. P., Roby, D., Triantaphylides, C. and Montillet, J. L. (2005): The combined action of 9-lipoxygenase and galactolipase is sufficient to bring about programmed cell death during tobacco hypersensitive

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979 Ádám, A., Farkas, T., Somlyai, G., Hevesi, M. and Király, Z. (1989): Consequence of O 2 ·− generation during a bacterially induced hypersensitive reaction in tobacco: deterioration of

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Turšić, I. (1994): Comparative investigation on different basic ploughing depths and nitrogen fertilizer rates for virginia tobacco. Agric. Conspec. Sci. , 59 , 5-20. Comparative

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136 Shafey, O., Eriksen, M., Ross, H., et al.: The Tobacco Atlas, 3rd edition (Table A The Demographics of Tobacco). The American Cancer Society, Atlanta, 2009. http

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. & Kádár, I. (1993): heavy metal content of flue-cured tobacco leaf in different growing regions of hungary. acta agron. hung. , 43 , 243-251. heavy metal content of flue-cured tobacco leaf in different growing regions of hungary

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The chlorine and bromine contents in tobacco and tobacco smoke in both the particulate and gaseous phases were studied by neutronactivation analysis. Methyl chloride and methyl bromide concentrations were measured in the gaseous phase by gas-liquid chromatography — mass spectrometry. The chlorine and bromine contents in nine brands of cigarettes were on the average as follows: Tobacco—6600 ppm chlorine and 110 ppm bromine. Cigarette smoke, particulate phase—68 g chlorine and 1 g bromine per cigarette. Cigarette smoke, gaseous phase—90 g chlorine and 5 g bromine per cigarette. In the gaseous phase methyl chloride accounted for 60% of the total chlorine and methyl bromine for 80% of the total bromine.

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Orvosi Hetilap
Authors: Ildikó Tóth, József Rinfel, János Oberling, László Prugberger, and Lajos Nagy

:// WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. A56/8. WHO, Geneva 2003. Warren, C. W., Jones, N. R., Chauvin, J. és mtsai

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A. Rodgman and T. A. Perfetti, The chemical components of tobacco and tobacco smoke, Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, FL, 2008, pp. 780–789 Perfetti T. A

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, 502 – 507 . 3. Crosslin , J. M. , Hamm , P. B. , Kirk , W. W. , Hammond , R. W. ( 2010 ) Complete genome sequence of a Tobacco rattle virus isolate from Michigan

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