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The Middle Triassic Wetterstein Limestone was investigated on the Feuerkogel, in the eastern Höllengebirge area, Austria. Cephalopod-bearing coquina interbeds consisting predominantly of orthocone cephalopods were found within the dasycladacean inner platform lagoon facies. Based on sedimentological studies the coquina beds are interpreted as storm accumulations. Dasycladacean biostratigraphic data permit assigning the studied succession to the Late Anisian-Early Ladinian interval. Ammonites of age-diagnostic value found in the coquina horizon suggest the Avisianum Subzone of the Reitzi Zone that corresponds to the upper part of the Anisian.

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. Anst. 16 157 191 Balogh, K., S. Kovács 1976: Sphinctozoa from the reef fades of the Wetterstein Limestone

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Authors: Attila Demény, Alexandra Németh, Zoltán Kern, György Czuppon, Mihály Molnár, Szabolcs Leél-Őssy, Mihály Óvári and József Stieber

north-east Hungary (N48°28´ E020°30´) at the Hungarian–Slovakian border (Fig.  1 ), beneath a forested area with a mean elevation of 300–450 m a.s.l. The system was formed in lagoon facies of the Wetterstein Limestone of the Triassic (Ladinian) age and

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