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β-Galactosidase is an enzyme of commercial importance owing to its multiple benefits. Among all microbial sources, fungal species are of great interest for the production of this enzyme. Thus, the aim of this present work was to optimize the media as well as process parameters to achieve maximum β-Galactosidase production by solid state fermentation using the fungal isolate Rhizomucor pusillus. Various agro-industrial residues were tested for carbon as well as for nitrogen sources. The different process parameters were also studied to observe their effects on β-galactosidase production. Among all screened agro-industrial residues, wheat bran and corn steep liquor had the potential to be used as carbon and nitrogen sources, respectively; whereas MgSO4 was found to be a suitable salt supplement. The optimal process parameters included particle size of 1000 microns, 50% moisture content, pH 5.5, 50 ºC temperature, and 7 days of fermentation.

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composting process scientifically studied. The compost can be obtained from diverse substrata as: weeds, sugar cane trash, rinds of trees, wood waste, agro-industrial residues, waste of animals, and others [ 6 ]. The aeration, pH, humidity

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Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Authors: Ana C. R. Melo, Edjane F. B. Silva, Larissa C. L. F. Araujo, Mirna F. Farias and Antonio S. Araujo

1. Santos , ALF , Martins , DU , Iha , OK , Ribeiro , RAM , Quirino , RL , Suarez , PAZ . Agro-industrial residues as low-price feedstock for diesel-like fuel production by thermal cracking . Bioresour Technol

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