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Edwards, J. E.: The autopsy: do we still need it? Mayo Clin. Proc., 1981, 56 , 457–458. Edwards J. E. The autopsy: do we

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:// [Hungarian] Csatai, T., Végh, I.: The tasks related to the activities of the autopsy assistant. [A boncmesteri tevékenységgel összefüggő feladatokról.] Egészségügyi Gazdasági Szemle, 1995, 33 (1), 41

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Orvosi Hetilap
Authors: Csaba Bence Farkas, Dávid Petrétei, Gergely Babinszky, Gábor Dudás, Gergő Szabó, Csaba Bognár, and Márta Jäckel

-es-nnk-utasitasai-halottvizsgalattal-kapcsolatban [accessed: March 26, 2020]. [Hungarian] 6 Ministry of Human Capacities. Arrangements related to autopsies during State of Emergency – Budapest, 2020 March 23. [Kórboncolással kapcsolatos

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A COVID–19 patológiája.

Halálok SARS-CoV-2-fertőzésben: vírusfertőzésben vagy vírusfertőzéssel?

Pathology of COVID-19.

Cause of death in SARS-CoV-2 infection: viral infection or other chronic diseases with SARS-CoV-2 (death “in” or “with” COVID-19)
Scientia et Securitas
Authors: Zsuzsa Schaff, Krisztina Danics, Adrián Pesti, Gábor Lotz, Tibor Várkonyi, Deján Dobi, István Vályi-Nagy, Klára Törő, Tibor Glasz, and András Kiss

References 1 Banner, J., Basso, C., Tolkien, Z., Kholova, I., Michaud, K., & Gallagher P. J. (2021) Autopsy examination in sudden cardiac death: a current

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Orvosi Hetilap
Authors: József Gábor Joó, Artúr Beke, Zsanett Szigeti, Ákos Csaba, Gábor Mezei, Ernő Tóth-Pál, Zoltán Papp, and Csaba Papp

145 147 Gordijn, S. J., Erwich, J. J., Yee, K. T.: Value of perinatal autopsy: critique. Pediatr. Dev. Pathol., 2002, 5 , 480

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Thorium was determined in a liver autopsy sample from a person treated with Thorotrast ca. 40 y earlier. The decay products228Ac,224Ra,212Pb,212Bi, and208Tl from the232Th series were identified by direct -spectrometry. Instrumental neutron activation analysis yielded a value of ca 22 g thorium per kg dry liver material. The total radiation dose to the whole liver was estimated in the order of 16 Gy.

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The Biofragmentable Anastomosis Ring (BAR) is a mechanical device composed of absorbable material and creates an inverting, atraumatic compressive anastomosis with no foreign material at the anastomotic site after healing. The aim of the present experimental study was to assess the safety of oesophagoscopy in early days after oesophageal anastomoses performed with the BAR and to follow-up the healing of BAR anastomoses by in vivo endoscopy and autopsy examination. Thirty mongrel dogs divided into subgroups according to the timepoints of endoscopy and autopsy (4th, 7th, 14th, 28th day) were used. There was no significant difference in the healing of anastomoses performed under or above the tracheal bifurcation. Pleural adhesions helped to cover and seal small subclinical leaks. The mortality was 13.3% (4 dogs) and the overall leakage rate 14.3%. We looked for bleeding, haematoma, erosion, ulceration and granulation tissue in the anastomosis. Due to the high mechanical strength of these anastomoses, oesophagoscopy was a safe, easy and feasible method for follow-up BAR intrathoracic anastomoses, with no significant difference between the number of lesions found with endoscopy as compared to the autopsy data. The overall sensitivity of oesophagoscopy to discover mucosal lesions was 73.1%. Endoscopy had no complications, therefore it is a useful method of follow-up and may help predict the normal or compromised healing of oesophageal anastomoses.

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European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology
Authors: Cosme Alvarado-Esquivel, Luis Francisco Sánchez-Anguiano, Alejandra Mendoza-Larios, Jesús Hernández-Tinoco, José Francisco Pérez-Ochoa, Elizabeth Irasema Antuna-Salcido, Elizabeth Rábago-Sánchez, and Oliver Liesenfeld

The presence of tissue cysts of Toxoplasma gondii has only poorly been investigated in autopsy series. We determined the presence of T. gondii cysts in a series of 51 autopsies in a public hospital using immunohistochemistry of brain and heart tissues. The association of tissue cysts with the general characteristics of the autopsy cases was also investigated.

Of the 51 cases studied, five (9.8%) were positive by immunohistochemistry for T. gondii cysts in the brain. None of the heart specimens was positive for T. gondii cysts. The presence of T. gondii cysts in brains did not vary with age, sex, birthplace, residence, education, occupation, or the presence of pathology in the brain. In contrast, multivariate analysis showed that the presence of T. gondii cysts was associated with undernourishment (OR = 33.90; 95% CI: 2.82–406.32; P = 0.005).

We demonstrated cerebral T. gondii cysts in an autopsy series in Durango City, Mexico. Results suggest that T. gondii can be more readily found in brain than in heart of infected individuals. This is the first report of an association between the presence of T. gondii in brains and undernourishment.

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Au-delà et en-deça des a prioris et convictions, le choix des marges constitue, en termes barthésiens, une seule et même “écriture”, un seul et même engagement historique en faveur d’une certaine façon d’inscrire sa parole face au public et face à l’histoire. C’est le règne sans partage du goût de la marge, ou du dégoût du centre; c’est aussi la stratégie sans faille de l’ôte-toi de là que je m’y mette”. C’est enfin la domination d’un type de parole où les qualités du sujet prévalent partout sur l’achèvement de son énoncé.

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Cabot, R. C.: Diagnostic pitfals identified during a study of three thousand autopsies. JAMA, 1912, 59 , 2295–2298. Cabot R. C

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