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and dualistic creation myths in Siberia] 29 58 ZSIGMOND, Győző 1999: Égitest és néphagyomány (Celestial Body and Folk Tradition). Csíkszereda/Miercurea Ciuc: Pallas-Akadémiai, 1999. 1982: A

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The main goal of this article is to compare Polish and Hungarian proverbs and phraseological expressions including the names of some celestial bodies (the stars, the Moon, the Sun and the Earth). The analysis of the material showed the significant similarities but in some cases evident differences as well. The majority of metaphors found in proverbs and set phrases suggests anthropocentrism and shows that people do not merely acquire knowledge of and experience the world but also assess it in their own particular ways.

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Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Authors: E. Robens, D. Möhlmann, R. Staudt, Th. Gast, and M. Eger


Future European and American Missions to Mars will be focussed on the search for life, and of water, as a precondition for the existence of complex organisms. Besides the polar ice caps of carbon dioxide and water, in the upper few meters of the Martian surface, water and ice bound to the soil surface, is expected. Therefore we propose to investigate the storing capability of Martian soil in situ. This planned quite new type of investigation makes use for the first time of a balance at a celestial body outside Earth.

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Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) team discovered “the striking difference” in elevation between northern and southern hemispheres: “on Mars, the South Pole lying about six km higher than the North Pole, … the planet’s center of mass (is) 3 km north of its geometric center” (Physics Today, Oct 1999, p. 34). The same topography we have for solid Earth: low Arctic and high Antarctic with the same difference 5–7 km. No sound explanation of NS asymmetry was proposed: impact, planetary evolution, mantle convection … are rather artificial and vague. Meanwhile, NS asymmetry is inherent property of any freely rotating flexible celestial body as it follows from Kozyrev’s Causal or asymmetrical mechanics. Relations of Causal mechanics are supported by experimental study of vertical component of causal force by weight change measurement of rotated gyroscope and the study of its horizontal component by pendulum deflection measurement. Kozyrev made measurements at latitudes φ from 45° to 84° and proved that causal force is directed along Earth rotation axis: to the North for φ < 73° and to South for φ > 73°. The magnitude of causal force has order (1–5) × 10−5 of gravity force.

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Papyrus on the Pyre

The Derveni Papyrus and Its Archeological Context

Acta Antiqua Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae
Author: Gábor Betegh

The paper examines the possible interrelations between the archeological context of the Derveni papyrus and the physical and eschatological doctrines held by its author. On the basis of a brief survey of the archeological data and the comparative material, Betegh argues that the placement of the papyrus is not by chance and that it probably had a role in the ritual. In the next step, he summarises the main results of a reconstruction of the physics and cosmology of the Derveni author, and raises the problem of the connection between the eschatological theme of the first six columns and the physics and cosmic theology of the remainder of the text. Finally, he suggests that the common denominator of all these themes, doctrines and lores is the fire with its cosmological and eschatological role. In this respect, an important claim of the Derveni author could be that the ultimate cosmological and eschatological principle is not fire, as e.g., for Heraclitus, quoted in the papyrus, but fire - in the form of the celestial bodies, the thunderbolt of Zeus, or the funeral pyre - is the instrument with the help of which the intelligent and divine air maintains cosmic order and divine justice.

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A dolgozat válogatás a középkori Magyarország kályhacsempéi közül: a népi stílus korai jelentkezését vizsgálja. Ennek jellemzője a sajátos, nem naturális felfogás a korszak vagy korábbi idők motívumkincséről. Olyan ritkább csempéket is tárgyalunk, amelyek tárgyköre a mesevilág népszerű hagyományából eredt.

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envelopes, planetesimals, protoplanets, prestellar, and protostellar cores and the atmosphere of the celestial bodies [ 7 ]. Such studies have shown that the occurrence of amino acids, nucleotides, and other organic materials are the results of chemical

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