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The heat capacities of chrysanthemic acid in the temperature range from 80 to 400 K were measured with a precise automatic adiabatic calorimeter. The chrysanthemic acid sample was prepared with the purity of 0.9855 mole fraction. A solid-liquid fusion phase transition was observed in the experimental temperature range. The melting point, T m, enthalpy and entropy of fusion, Δfus H m, Δfus S m, were determined to be 390.7410.002 K, 14.510.13 kJ mol-1, 37.130.34 J mol-1 K-1, respectively. The thermodynamic functions of chrysanthemic acid, H (T)-H(298.15), S (T)-S(298.15) and G (T)-G (298.15) were reported with a temperature interval of 5 K. The TG analysis under the heating rate of 10 K min-1 confirmed that the thermal decomposition of the sample starts at ca. 410 K and terminates at ca. 471 K. The maximum decomposition rate was obtained at 466 K. The purity of the sample was determined by a fractional melting method.

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