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Summary Processes of thermooxidizing destruction of series of oxygen containing cobalt(II)phthalocyanines were studied by thermogravimetry and IR and electronic absorption spectroscopy. These processes have several stages including dehydration, oxidation, desulphonation (decarboxylation) of peripheral substituents of cobalt(II)phthalocyanines, destruction of phthalocyanine macrocycle and oxidation until the highest oxides. The temperature of beginning of the process of thermal oxidative destruction decreases in the following order: Co(4-PhSO3H)4Pc>Co(4-COO-)4(5-SO- 3)4(Ba2+)4Pc>Co(4-Br)4(5-SO3H)4Pc>Co(4-Cl)4(5-SO3H)4Pc>Co(4-COOH)4(5-SO3H)4Pc.

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The low-temperature molar heat capacities of CoPc and CoTMPP were measured by temperature modulated differential scanning calorimetry (TMDSC) over the temperature range from 223 to 413 K for the first time. No phase transition or thermal anomaly was observed in the experimental temperature range for CoPc. However, a structural change was found to be nonreversible for CoTMPP in the temperature range of 368–403 K, which was further validated by the results of IR and XRD. The molar enthalpy ΔH m and entropy ΔS m of phase transition of the CoTMPP were determined to be 3.301 kJ mol−1 and 8.596 J K−1 mol−1, respectively. The thermodynamic parameters of CoPc and CoTMPP such as entropy and enthalpy relative to reference temperature 298.15 K were derived based on the above molar heat capacity data. Moreover, the thermal stability of these two compounds was further investigated through TG measurements. Three steps of mass loss were observed in the TG curve for CoPc and five steps for CoTMPP.

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Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis
Authors: Viorel Chihaia, Karl Sohlberg, Rodica Zăvoianu, Anca Cruceanu, Octavian Dumitru Pavel, Emilian Angelescu, Ana Paula Soares Dias, and Ruxandra Bîrjega

, I , Ghorbel , A , Grange , P , Colin , JM 2002 Oxidation of mercaptans in light oil sweetening by cobalt(II) phthalocyanine-hydrotalcite catalysts . Catal Today 75 : 113 – 117 10.1016/S0920

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