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Barkow, J. H. (1989): Darwin, Sex, and Status: Biosocial Approaches to Mind and Culture . Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Darwin, Sex, and Status: Biosocial

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Authors: Arie W. Kruglanski, Mark Derchesne and Woo Young Chun

268 Morris, M. W. and Peng, K. (1994): Culture and cause: American and Chinese attributions for social and physical events. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , 67, 949

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Authors: W. Arie Kruglanski, Mark Dechesne and W. Young Chun

. Psychological Review 78 171 206 Bartlett, R C. (1923): Psychology and Primitive Culture. Cambridge, England

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, S TRELTZER , J. (eds) Culture and Psychotherapy . 81–103. American Psychiatric Press, Inc., Washington DC C HAN , M. (2008) Return to Alma-Ata, The Lancet, 372 , 865–866. C ODY , W

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G. G. Galef (eds): Social Learning in Animals - The Roots of Culture . San Diego, CA: Academic Press. Social Learning in Animals - The Roots of Culture

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Linguistics. An Introduction 1997 Geertz 1973 = Geertz Clifford: The Interpretation of Cultures New York, Basic

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. Writing, Remembering and Political Identity in Early High Cultures]. Budapest: Atlantisz Könyvkiadó. A kulturális emlékezet. Írás, emlékezés és politikai identitás a korai magaskultúrákban BOMAN, Thorleif 1998: A héber és

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Orthodox kosher mass culture?

Food industry, hospitality industry, children’s holidays and open-air baths in the weekly paper of orthodox Jewry in Hungary, 1925–1944

Author: Norbert Gleszer

the body and physical culture — Bathing], in: Bodor, Antal — Gerlóczy, Zsigmond (eds): Nyitott könyv . Százharminc közlemény száz képpel. (Kiadja az országos Közegészségügyi Egyesület, Budapest) /161–162/ Mandler O

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National cultures and European identity

The process of Engrenage among European Commission civil servants

Author: Erika Tóth

Cini, M. (2001): Reforming the European Commission: an Organisational Culture Perspective. Queen’s Papers on Europeanisation , No. 11/2001. Retrieved: 12 May 2007, from http

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‘Family-culture’ and Chinese politeness

An emancipatory pragmatic account

Author: Xinren Chen

. Chu , Xiaoping . 2003 . The generalization of Chinese ‘family culture’ and cultural capital . Academic Research 11 . 15 – 19 . Deng , Zhaohong and Jia Qiu . 2019

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