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Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Authors: H. Ouriques, M. Trindade, M. Conceiçăo, S Prasad, P. Filho, and A. Souza


The thermogravimetric curves of di-n-propylammonium, di-iso-propylammonium, di-n-butylammonium and di-iso-butylammonium chlorides showed similar profiles, characterized by mass loss in only one stage, corresponding to decomposition of compounds. The following thermal stability order was obtained: [Bu2 nNH2]Cl>[Pr2 nNH2]Cl>[Pr2 iNH2]Cl>[Bu2 iNH2]Cl. The values of activation energy for non-isothermal data obtained by Ozawa and Coats-Redfern integral methods were in agreement and stability order obtained by thermogravimetry were reproduced in both methods. The decomposition reactions of [Pr2 nNH2]Cl, [Pr2 iNH2]Cl and [Bu2 iNH2]Cl were better described by A3 model and [Bu2 nNH2]Cl by A2 model.

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