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and proposes a series of hypotheses regarding the qualities of these experiences based on principles of evolutionary psychology and the neurophenomenology of psychedelic experiences. These perspectives derived from evolutionary psychology provide

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Evolutionary psychology and the origins of language

(Editorial for the special issue of Journal of Evolutionary Psychology on the evolution of language)

Author: Thomas C. Scott-Phillips

2008 Dissing oneself versus dissing rivals: Effects of status, personality, and sex on the short-term and long-term attractiveness of self-deprecating humor Evolutionary Psychology 6

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Evolutionary psychology Sensu lato

A review of The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology edited by Robin Dunbar and Louise Barrett. Oxford University Press (2007), 720 pages, £49.95 ($98.50), ISBN: 0198568304 (hardback)

Authors: William M. Brown and Michael E. Price

The Adapted Mind: Evolutionary Psychology and the Generation of Culture Oxford University Press New York . N. A. Chagnon

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FERGUSON, S. (2002): Methodology in evolutionary psychology. Biology and Philosophy, 17, 635-650. Methodology in evolutionary psychology. Biology and Philosophy

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Evolutionary Psychology Meets Cultural Psychology

Review of Evolution, Culture and the Human Mind (2009) edited by Mark Schaller, Ara Norenzayan, Steven J. Heine, Toshio Yamagishi & Tetsuya Kameda. Psychology Press (year), 304 pages, £47.70. ISBN 978-0-8058-5911-9

Author: Alex Mesoudi
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Buss, D. M. (1995). Evolutionary psychology: A new paradigm for psychological science. Psychological Inquiry , 6, 1-49. Evolutionary psychology: A new paradigm for psychological science

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Author: Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair

. Trower 2001 Evolutionary psychology and social anxiety W. R. Crozier L. E. Alden

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Psychology of its Appeal. 1 20 Barkow, J. H. (2001): Universalien und evolutionäre Psychologie [Universals and evolutionary psychology]. In P. M. Hejl (ed

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