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Authors: Norbert Pásztor, Zoltán Kozinszky and Attila Pál

Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine.) Obstet. Gynecol., 2013, 121 (5), 1122–1133. Gardosi, J., Francis, A.: Adverse pregnancy outcome and association with small for gestational age birthweight by customized and

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Authors: Eszter Madarász, Gyula Tamás, Gy. Ádám Tabák, János Szalay and Zsuzsa Kerényi

Kim, C., Newton, K. M., Knopp, R. H.: Gestational diabetes and the incidence of type 2 diabetes. Diabet. Care, 2002, 25 , 1862–1868. Knopp R. H

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Authors: Zoltán Langmár and Miklós Németh

2006 Molar pregnancy and gestational trophoblastic neoplasms. In: Levine, D. A., et al. (eds.). Handbook for principles and practice of gynecologic

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Authors: Tuncay Yuce, Müge Keskin, Mehmet Murat Seval and Feride Söylemez

, Roberts J , McNellis D : Hypertensive disorders in twin versus singleton gestations . Am J Obstet Gynecol 182 , 938 – 942 ( 2000 ) 3. Sibai B

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Authors: Mónika Salamon, Zsuzsanna Soós, Roland Oláh, Máté Hazai, László Sóvágó, Dóra Kovács, Borbála Pál, Éva Baranyi, Ferenc Lintner and Gábor Winkler

., Albright, C. L., et al: A pregnancy and postpartum lifestyle intervention in women with gestational diabetes mellitus reduces diabetes risk factors. A feasibility randomized control trial. Diabetes Care, 2011, 34 , 1519

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Authors: Hatice Kansu-Celik, Burcu Kisa Karakaya, Yasemin Tasci, Necati Hancerliogullari, Selen Yaman, Sule Ozel and Salim Erkaya

Introduction Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) has been determined to consist of varying degrees of carbohydrate intolerance, with onset or first recognition occurring during pregnancy and affecting 1%–20% of pregnancies

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Authors: Boglárka Vincze, Orsolya Kutasi, Ferenc Baska and Ottó Szenci

. Boden , G. ( 1996 ): Fuel metabolism in pregnancy and in gestational diabetes mellitus . Obstet. Gynecol. Clin. North Am. 23 , 1 – 10 . Bucca , S. , Fogarty , U

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Authors: Joan Tutusaus, Fernando López-Gatius, Beatriz Serrano, Eva Monleón, Juan Badiola and Irina Garcia-Ispierto

., Almería, S., Martínez-Bello, D., de Sousa, N. M., Beckers, J. F. and López-Gatius, F. (2010): Neospora caninum and Coxiella burnetii seropositivity are related to endocrine pattern changes during gestation in lactating dairy cows. Theriogenology 15

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Authors: Ildikó Vastagh, T. Horváth, Z. Garamvölgyi, K. Rosta, A. Folyovich, J. Rigó, M. Kollai, D. Bereczki and A. Somogyi

Akinci B, Demir T, Celtik A, Mustafa B, Yener S, Ozcan MA, Yuksel F, Secil M, Yesil Sl: Serum osteoprotegerin is associated with carotid intima media thickness in women with previous gestational diabetes

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Authors: G. Csík, I. Zupkó, G. Regdon, G. Falkay and D. Lőrinczy


The aim of the present work was the characterization of nonpregnant and early pregnant myometrium (days 3–6) of the rat by means of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The spontaneous motor activity as well as the KCl-evoked contractions of isolated uterine rings was additionally recorded. A relatively close correlation was found between calorimetric enthalpy (ΔH) and the contractility of the uterus samples. Our results indicate that DSC is a useful tool for the investigation of the functions of developing myometrium and it can be considered as supplementing the traditional structural and functional methods.

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