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The description of the plough in the Kṛṣiparāśara has been a puzzle for generations of Sanskrit philologists. What especially pained me was the disfunctional character of this description: among the eight essential parts the ploughshare was missing. The turning up of an until now unknown manuscript from The Library of Congress has brought a basic change: it contains the expected reading phālikā “ploughshare” for pāśikā an otherwise meaningful term “rope” that could have been adjusted to the context only by rather strained explanations.The present paper throws light on the problems concerned in the textual tradition and offers a solution.

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. Hautfenne 1990 Pure Appl. Chem. 62 781 . [13]. L.J. Goad

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Disentangling phonological well-formedness and attestedness

An ERP study of onset clusters in English

Acta Linguistica Academica
James White
Faith Chiu

. Frisch , Stefan A. and Bushra Adnan Zawaydeh . 2001 . The psychological reality of ocp-place in arabic . Language 77 . 91 – 106 . Goad , Heather . 2012 . sC clusters are (almost always) coda-initial . The Linguistic Review 29 . 335

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→ [suku]; cf. Wornyo 2016 ), which goes against Goad’s (2012) typology of word-initial sC clusters (specifically, if a language has s + rhotic clusters, it should have all sC clusters). The best conclusion I can draw at the moment is that the apparent

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; A. XI 583). Then, in a lighter moment, Tarchon, an Etruscan supporter of Aeneas, goads his men back to battle, saying that they care only about banquets and wine: “O Lazy Etruscans, wait for the feasts and the wine goblets placed on sumptuous tables

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concentration . Polymer . 46 : 471 – 481 10.1016/j.polymer.2004.10.087 . 18. Schartel , B , Pötschke , P , Knoll , U , Abdel-Goad , M . 2005 . Fire behaviour of polyamide 6/multiwall

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people to unfavourable circumstances – which Dido now realizes she herself has done. Fittingly, she wishes him to feel similar goads of hindsight: may he realize, once he has betrayed himself and his people, that they would have been better off had they

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is an onset, a preceding nucleus is free to branch. That it should be st which is once again special is of course no surprise ( Kaye 1992a ; Goad 2011 ). Thirdly, there are various simplifications in the clusters targeting C 2 , e.g. redemption

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-propagating growth because the research activities are not only goaded by scientific discoveries, but they are also technologically driven. Universities in zone 1 and 2 can be in this stage of development, P2. According to Debackere and Veugelers ( 2005

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palla di Nausicaa (Anacr. fr. 13 G. = 358 PMG , 1–4). Eikasmos 7 (1996) 81–86; Calame (n. 27) 15; Breitenberger (n. 5) 127–128; Gellar-Goad , T. H. M.: Anacreon's Purple Ball Poem ( PMG 358). In Resemblance and Reality in Greek Thought . Essays

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