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Polyaniline/1-tetradecanol composites

Form-stable PCMS and electrical conductive materials

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Authors: J. Zeng, J. Zhang, Y. Liu, Z. Cao, Z. Zhang, F. Xu, and L. Sun


Polyaniline (PANI)/1-tetradecanol (TD) composite materials, a kind of novel composite that can conduct electricity and store thermal energy at the same time, thus possess the ability to endure certain heat shock, were prepared for the first time. FTIR and XRD results showed that there were some interactions existed between PANI and TD. The thermal stability of the composites exhibited both the characteristics of PANI and TD. The DSC experiments showed that the highest phase change enthalpy of the composites could be as 73% as that of TD, indicating it was a good form-stable phase change material. The thermal conductivity of the composites was also improved. The AC (Alternating Current) conductivity of the composites was enhanced to close to that of PANI when the mass fraction of PANI in the composite was increased to 46%. Heat shock experiments showed that the heat shock resistibility of the composite was greatly improved comparing to that of pure PANI.

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