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Aleas of history and frontiers of modernity

László Ravasz (1882–1975) and the interwar catholic-protestant rapprochement in Hungary

Hungarian Studies
Author: Pál Hatos

O’Connor, David L. (2006) ’The Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation: American Catholic Anti-Communism and its Limits’, American Communist History , Vol. 5,No. 1, 37–66. O’Connor D. L

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, A. 2000. Negotiating the Frontier: Translators and Intercultures in Hispanic History . Manchester: St Jerome Publishing. Pym A. Negotiating the

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Notes 1. Palmer , R.R. & Colton , Joel , A History of the Modern World , New York 1952 [1]. The last edition (New York 2002 [9]) was co-authored by Lloyd Kramer

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After drawing a brief history of audiovisual translation (AVT), the paper gives a definition of empirical research and it analyzes when, how and why empirical research started to develop and grow systematically in this field of research. The paper also emphasizes the role of empirical research as a tool enabling us to know more about the actual effectiveness of AVT on its audiences as well as to develop awareness of the audience preferences and viewing habits. Consequently, it functions as an important purveyor of knowledge providing a solid basis for shaping quality and tailor made products suiting diverse types of end-users — be them standard or vulnerable users.

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Investigating oral history

Interview with Professor Jan Vansina

Acta Ethnographica Hungarica
Author: Szilárd Biernaczky

Marry”. An Analysis of Thirty-six Nyanga Tales . Budapest : African Research Program ELTE . Biernaczky , Szilard 2003 A szajhagyomanyozott tôrténelem kutatasa (Levél-interjù Jan Vansina professzorral) [Investigating Oral History . Interview by

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Hall D H 1976: History of the earth sciences during the scientific and industrial revolutions with special emphasis on the physical geosciences. Amsterdam, Oxford, New York IAGA Bulletin 1960: Nr. 16, (Kopenhagen) 39

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Feldman, T. S.: Historical Essays on Meteorology, 1919–1995: The Diamond Anniversary History Volume of the American Meteorological Society. Technology and Culture, 1999, 40 , 164–165. Feldman T. S

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For a long while practically all the Turkic people lived in one state, first the Russian Empire and later the USSR. Historiography as a discipline followed the Marxist-Leninist ideology. Anything else was declared heresy. The Soviet state replaced history with a myth of its own creation intended to lay the foundations for the task of building communism. The beginning of the perestroika became the starting point of general changes in all spheres of social sciences, including social consciousness. Such objective and subjective phenomena as language, religion, the legacy of ancestors, elements of material and spiritual culture, the mythologised conception of uniform genetic origin, notions of a “golden age” and original homeland, etc. became indicators, symbols or markers of the awakening of ethnicity, the banners of ethnic mobilisation and the foundation of ethnic identity. The myth is used for particular political purposes. These processes were analysed by the author in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, in Northern Caucasus, the Ural-Volga region, among the Uighurs.

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-1982): A History of Zoroastrianism, I-II. Leiden, E. J. Brill. Bremmer, J. N. (1983): The Early Greek Concept of the Soul. Princeton, PUP. The Early Greek Concept of the Soul

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Studies in the history and development of thermogravimetry

V. A search for the Earliest Commercial Apparatus in the UK

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Author: C. Keattch


Several examples of the earliest commercial thermal analysis apparatus, the Talabot-Persoz-Rogeat Desiccator, are exhibited in various French museums and there is documentary evidence that at least twelve were exported to the UK in the late 19th Century. This paper describes the search for extant examples in the UK.

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