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A novel solid complex, formulated as Ho(PDC)3 (o-phen), has been obtained from the reaction of hydrate holmium chloride, ammonium pyrrolidinedithiocarbamate (APDC) and 1,10-phenanthroline (o-phenH2O) in absolute ethanol, which was characterized by elemental analysis, TG-DTG and IR spectrum. The enthalpy change of the reaction of complex formation from a solution of the reagents, Δr H m θ (sol), and the molar heat capacity of the complex, c m, were determined as being –19.1610.051 kJ mol–1 and 79.2641.218 J mol–1 K–1 at 298.15 K by using an RD-496 III heat conduction microcalorimeter. The enthalpy change of complex formation from the reaction of the reagents in the solid phase, Δr H m θ(s), was calculated as being (23.9810.339) kJ mol–1 on the basis of an appropriate thermochemical cycle and other auxiliary thermodynamic data. The thermodynamics of reaction of formation of the complex was investigated by the reaction in solution at the temperature range of 292.15–301.15 K. The constant-volume combustion energy of the complex, Δc U, was determined as being –16788.467.74 kJ mol–1 by an RBC-II type rotating-bomb calorimeter at 298.15 K. Its standard enthalpy of combustion, Δc H m θ, and standard enthalpy of formation, Δf H m θ, were calculated to be –16803.957.74 and –1115.428.94 kJ mol–1, respectively.

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