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Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Authors: Davide Monaco, Miguel Batista, Olga Amann, Barbara Padalino, Wouter Pieters, Mariacristina Morelli, Gianluca Accogli, Salvatore Desantis, and Giovanni Michele Lacalandra

(Spain), whereas sperm kinematic parameters were evaluated at the University of Bari Aldo Moro (Italy). Experiment 1 In this experiment, ten testes with annexed epididymides, obtained from five male camels (5 years of age), were transported at 4 °C and, 6

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Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Authors: Ander Arando, Juan Vicente Delgado, José Manuel León, Sergio Nogales, Francisco Javier Navas-González, María Gabriela Pizarro, and Carlos Carmelo Pérez-Marín

. Falchi , L. , Galleri , G. , Zedda , M. T. , Pau , S. , Bogliolo , L. , Ariu , F. and Ledda , S. ( 2018 ): Liquid storage of ram semen for 96 h: Effects on kinematic parameters, membranes and DNA integrity, and ROS production . Livest

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Single neutron transfer reactions on 197Au induced by 12C and 16O at near Coulomb barrier energies have been studied using radiochemical and off-line gamma-ray spectrometric techniques. High spin yield fraction (HSF = σm/(σmg)) for 196m,gAu and formation cross section ratio (σ198196) of 198Au and 196Au have been determined for both 197Au+12C and 197Au+16O reactions at different excitation energies near the Coulomb barrier. The HSF of 196m,gAu and σ198196 values in both reactions are seen to sharply increase with increasing excitation energy near the Coulomb barrier and then slowly increase reaching a constant value at high projectile energy. These observations have been analyzed in terms of nuclear structural and kinematic parameters. A comparison the effects of Coulomb excitation and nucleon transfer process during heavy-ion interactions indicates a predominant effect of the latter process in the background of the Coulomb excitation. Observed reaction systematics seem to follow the quasi-elastic transfer process.

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consumption of various vehicles. As a result of our research it can be stated that both driving cycles have similar RMS error values based on certain kinematic parameters, but the driving cycle developed with the help of the Markov chain method shows better

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. 1 – 14 . [17] J. Conte , J. Santolaria , A. C. Majarena , and R. Acero , “ Modeling, kinematic parameter identification and sensitivity analysis of a laser tracker having the beam source in the rotating head ,” Measurement , vol. 89 , pp

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