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present study aimed to examine the impact of innovations – in our case, the introduction of new pumpkin varieties — on the culture of the local communities, beyond the transformation of cultivation and processing technologies. How did these communities

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This paper summarizes the first results of the analysis of a questionnaire survey on the determinants of social cohesion and interethnic relations in Hungarian local communities. The survey was carried out in villages and small towns in four different regions of the country in 2012. Our results show that the socioeconomic status and geo-cultural background of the local community significantly shape social cohesion and interethnic trust. Migration rate, on the other hand, plays a surprisingly minor role in shaping trust and cohesion. The effect of fractionalization is moderate, and, interestingly, mainly positive if national minorities are present in the local community.

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Dispersal allows species to immigrate and emigrate to and from habitat patches and is an important factor in determining community structure. The influence of species dispersal in a metacommunity is poorly understood, particularly its effect at the local community level. We aimed to address this deficiency by evaluating the potential influence of dispersal on local community structure in a rock pool metacommunity. Short term dispersal was quantified over an 11 day period by intercepting propagules dispersing via overflowing pool water and via wind. The composition of dispersing organisms was compared to natural local communities in the rock pools surveyed annually on 11 occasions. On average, the composition and abundance of dispersing species was approximately 54.1 ± 9.3% (mean ± SD) similar to the established pool community. Some species were more abundant among dispersers than they were in the pool community. This may be attributed to several factors including a variation in tolerance to environmental conditions, dispersal capacity, and local scale species interactions (predation and competition). In general, we found considerable similarity between short term dispersal and long term local community structure across a metacommunity. Differences in abundance patterns between the resident rock pool community and the dispersal assemblage emphasize that dispersal, a regional process, must interact with local factors in structuring communities.

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, stressed that the period of isolation is complicated and is also hard for the members of the local community, especially when it comes to the lack of regular meetings and joint sauna evenings. It is communication in particular that people feel they are

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Public space is the most important place for social life, but it is also part of the identity of the local community. This is particularly true in Komló, where the mining past is still a perceptible and integral part of local identity. Petőfi Square is the central square of Komló's Kökönyös district, an urban district center that preserves the memories of its past, but has not evolved with changing needs in the city for some time. The renewal of Petőfi Square and its surroundings was an environmental architecture task that built on local values, responded to the needs of local people and helped the development of community life, and had to cope with a number of parallel demands.

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. Borthagaray , A.I. , V. Pinelli , M. Berazategui , L. Rodrigúez-Tricot and M. Arim . 2015 a. Effects of metacommunity networks on local community structures: from theoretical predictions to empirical evaluations . In A. Belgrano , G. Woodward and U

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transformation of the local community and also dependent on the nature of power discourses at the local level. It is no coincidence, then, that the heritagization practices that started in the settlement in the 21 st century started with the re

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adjacency matrix, then is defined as follows: (2) As a by product, this metric may be critical at assessing impact of a scientists who have ‘external’ ties. For instance, within a local community a scientist who have access to some other non

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Pollack Periodica
Saja Jamil Alamoush
Nor Haslina Ja'afar
, and
András Kertész

and active space for people.” A good street design produces streets with character. The traditional street model is a useful reference because it caters to the need of local communities. A designer must have ample knowledge on demographics and location

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Sustainable bilingualism and language shift

Longitudinal research in Romanian-Hungarian bilingual Kétegyháza (Hungary)

Acta Linguistica Hungarica
Anna Borbély

:// (06-01-2015) Sundgren , Eva . 2001 . A Swedish case study of language change in real time: The impact of social mobility and integration in the local community on

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