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Az elmúlt évtizedekben több fejlett piacgazdaságú ország indított olyan nagyszabású előretekintési programokat, amelyek keretében a tudományos és a gazdasági élet szakemberei az államigazgatás szereplőivel együtt mérik fel a legfontosabb hosszú távú tudományos, társadalmi és gazdasági trendeket. A magyar Technológiai Előretekinté_Ä

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A new water balance calculation has been worked out that considers the effect of urbanization. This calculation method was applied to evaluate the water balance of the historic center of Budapest, the Buda Castle Hill, where an intensive network of cellars is found. The method, a combination of hydrogeologic tests and field measurements, was also tested in other Hungarian cities where underground structures are common, such as Eger, Pécs and Veszprém.

The calculation considers both natural and anthropogenic water sources. Beside the commonly-used natural factors such as precipitation, evaporation, runoff, infiltration, etc. it also employs input parameters such as broken pipelines and sewer systems. The water losses of these waterworks significantly influence the natural water balance and provide additional and very often significant water input into the water system. The new method is of great importance in designing and planning remedial actions for historic cities, where the built environment, cellars and natural caves are endangered by infiltrating water. Another feedback of the method is the application of the results in the long-term planning strategy of public works supplying or using water (water works, sewer system and energy sector).

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. Kaldor , N. ( 1946 g): Inflation in Hungary . The Economic Journal , October. Kaldor , N. ( 1947 ): Long-Term Planning . The Times , April 3, 1947

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Risk reduction and harm prevention in technology use

A commentary on Swanton et al.'s (2020) ‘Problematic risk-taking involving emerging technologies: A stakeholder framework to minimize harms’

Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Author: Daria J. Kuss

digital, culture, media and sport relating to immersive and addictive technologies . Nottingham Trent University . NHS . ( 2019 ). Children treated for computer gaming addiction under NHS Long Term Plan . Retrieved 1 July 2020, from https

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.] Egészségnevelés, 2000, 41 (5–6), 202–203. [Hungarian] 22 Jády, Gy., Badinszky, T., Hanczár, G.: Long term plan of the swimming education for asthmatic children. [A fizikai

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content are not associated. This kind of analysis helps to monitor main topics of research interest in the scientific community. Long term planning activities in a research organization can be adjusted knowing and being aware of the current state

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Authors: Aashish Mehta, Patrick Herron, Yasuyuki Motoyama, Richard Appelbaum and Timothy Lenoir

funding programs targeted at specific disciplines and areas. China issued its fifteen year Medium and Long-Term Plan for the Development of Science and Technology 2006–2020 (hereafter, MLP), which called on China to develop “indigenous innovation” in hopes

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foresight, reflection, or long-term planning. However, varied measures of impulsivity (derived from different theoretical backgrounds) have been applied across previous studies of personality ( Dawe, Gullo, & Loxton, 2004 ). For example, Gray ( 1970 , 1981

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