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Extramarital affairs, marital satisfaction, and divorce: Evidence from Hong Kong Contemporary Economic Policy 22 442 452 . R

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—232. Shek, D.T.L., Lam, M.C., Tsoi, K.W., & Lam, C.M. (1993). Psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale. Social Behavior and Personality, 21 (3), 241—249. Spanier, G.B, & Cole, C

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Authors: Judit Désfalvi, Csilla Lakatos, Sára Imola Csuka, Viola Sallay, Orsolya Filep, Magdolna Dank and Tamás Martos

relationship between emotional skillfulness and marital satisfaction. J Soc Clin Psychology 2005; 24: 218–235. 28 Nicholls W, Hulbert-Williams N, Bramwell R. The role of relationship

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Authors: Piroska Balog, Csaba Dégi L., Gábor Szabó, Anna Susánszky, Adrienne Stauder, Andrea Székely, Paul Falger and Mária Kopp

.T., Osborne, L.N. (1997): Marital satisfaction and depression: Different causal relationships for men and women? Psychological Science , 8 (5): 351–357. Grewen, K.M., Anderson, B.J., Girdler, S.S., Light, K.C. (2003): Warm partner

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predictors of interfaith marital satisfaction. The American Journal of Family Therapy, 35 (4), 343—361. Peleg, O. (2005). The relation between differentiation and social anxiety: What can be learned from students and their parents

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Authors: Tamás Martos, Viola Sallay, Tünde Szabó, Csilla Lakatos and Rita Tóth-Vajna

—462. Ngazimbi, E.E., Daire, A.P., Soto, D., Carlson, R.G., & Munyon, M.D. (2013). Marital expectations and marital satisfaction between African immigrant and United States born married couples. Journal of Psychology in Africa, 23 (2), 317

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M. R. Parkhill C. C. Weisfeld G. E. Weisfeld 2004 Marital satisfaction in four cultures as a

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Authors: Lisa Dillon, Nicole Nowak, Kraig Shattuck, Glenn Weisfeld, Carol Weisfeld, E. Imamoğlu, Marina Butovskaya and Shen Jiliang

.A., Imamoğlu, E.O., Weisfeld, C.C., Weisfeld, G.E. and Shen, J. (2008): Cultural and evolutionary components of marital satisfaction: A multidimensional assessment of measurement invariance. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology , 39, 109

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Authors: Csaba Elblinger and László Bernáth

religious practices: The relation between religious holiday rituals and marital satisfaction . Journal of Family Psychology , 15 ( 4 ), 597 – 609 . 22. Fiese B

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Authors: Martos Júlia, Sallay Viola, Szabó Evelin, Tóth-Vajna Rita and Martos Tamás

close relationships and marital satisfaction . Clinical Psychology Review , 29 ( 2 ), 105 – 115 . Regan , T.W. , Lambert , S.D. , Kelly , B. , McElduff , P. , Girgis , A

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