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We have previously shown that Arcobacter butzleri induces intestinal, extra-intestinal, and systemic immune responses in perorally infected gnotobiotic IL-10−/− mice in a strain-dependent fashion. Here, we present a comprehensive survey of small and large intestinal expression profiles of inflammatory and regulatory mediators as well as of the matrix-degrading gelatinases MMP-2 and MMP-9 following murine A. butzleri infection. Gnotobiotic IL-10−/− mice were infected with A. butzleri strains CCUG 30485 or C1 of human and chicken origin, respectively. At day 6 following A. butzleri infection, mucin-2 mRNA, an integral part of the intestinal mucus layer, was downregulated in the colon, whereas TNF and IL-23p19 mRNA were upregulated in the ileum. Furthermore, IFN-γ, IL-17A, IL-1β, and IL-22 mRNA were upregulated in both colonic and ileal ex vivo biopsies at day 6 post strain CCUG 30485 infection. These changes were accompanied by downregulated colonic MMP-9 levels, whereas both MMP-2 and MMP-9 mRNA were upregulated in the ileum. In conclusion, these data indicate that A. butzleri infection induces changes in the expression of genes involved in pro-inflammatory and regulatory immune responses as well as in tissue degradation.

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Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Authors: Mikuláš Levkut, Juraj Pistl, Andrea Lauková, Viera Revajová, Robert Herich, Zuzana Ševčíková, Viola Strompfová, Renáta Szabóová, and Tatiana Kokinčáková

Immunology. Academic Press, San Diego, New York. pp. 71–78. Svanborg C. Handbook of Mucosal Immunology 1994

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McCowen, I., Chalmers, A., Smith, G. R. és mtsa: Advances in mucosal immunology. Gastroenterol. Clin. North Am., 1997, 26 , 145–173. Smith G. R. Advances in mucosal immunology

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European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology
Authors: N. V. Sridevi, A. M. Shukra, B. Neelakantam, J. Anilkumar, M. Madhanmohan, S. Rajan, Dev Chandran, and Dr. V. A. Srinivasan PhD

M. L S. W Mucosal Immunology Academic Press San Diego 267 289

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, M. E., Strober, W., Bienenstock, J. and McGhee, J. R. (eds) Mucosal Immunology. 2nd edition. Academic Press, San Diego. pp. 587–618. Weiner H. L

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