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can be automated (see below) and connected to online monitoring, giving then access to systematic data in a very short amount of time. Compared to classical batch-based synthesis robots (i.e., chemspeed robots) [ 41 ], such multistage reactors can form

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An activated concrete sample was counted at different source to detector distances with CdZnTe and HPGe detectors. The experimental count rates for different radionuclides were converted to dose rate using Monte Carlo code and compared with the Measured dose rates obtained using digital survey meter. The results agreed well for both the detectors. This indicates that CdZnTe detector having a better portability but poorer resolution than HPGe detector can be effectively used for online monitoring of radioactivity as well as dose rate calculations.

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Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
Authors: R. L. Brodzinski, R. A. Craig, S. D. Fink, W. K. Hensley, N. O. Holt, M. A. Knopf, E. A. Lepel, O. D. Mullen, S. R. Salaymeh, T. J. Samuel, J. E. Smart, M. R. Tinker and D. D. Walker


An online monitor has been designed, built, and tested that is capable of measuring the residual transuranic concentrations in processed high-level wastes with a detection limit of 370 Bq/ml (10 nCi/ml) in less than six hours. The monitor measures the (α,n) neutrons in the presence of gamma-ray fields up to 1 Sv/h (100 R/h). The optimum design was determined by Monte Carlo modeling and then tempered with practical engineering and cost considerations. A multiplicity counter is used in data acquisition to reject the large fraction of coincident and highly variable cosmic-ray-engendered background events and results in an S/N ratio ~1.

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2012 , 18 , 6604 – 6609 . “ Online monitoring of vinyl chloride polymerization in a microreactor using Raman spectroscopy ” M. D. Bodoc , L. Prat ,* C. Xuereb , C. Gourdon , T. Lasuye Chemistry Engineering & Technology

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-school principals, documents, and former official and educational research databases in both Hungary and Israel. From Hungary, raw materials included the data retrieved from the yearly online monitoring questionnaires and school visits of eco-schools from 2008 to

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Photosynthetic energy conversion in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Measuring by calorimetry, oxygen evolution and pulse-amplitude modulated fluorescence

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Authors: Steffen Oroszi, Torsten Jakob, Christian Wilhelm, Hauke Harms and Thomas Maskow

method incorporates all processes mentioned above. Janssen et al. [ 10 ] even suggested the application of photocaloric measurements as an online monitor for industrial scale microalgae production. An overview about the historic and recent attempts to

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