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different levels of mechanical stress have an impact on the type of perforation and hence different risks of contamination. The watertightness test of ISO EN 455 was therefore performed on gloves after primary joint arthroplasty (PA), revision joint

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Enns, R., Eloubeidi, M. A., Mergener, K., et al.: ERCP-related perforations: risk factors and management. Endoscopy, 2002, 34 , 293–298. Mergener K. ERCP-related perforations: risk

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Morgan, R. A., Ellul, J. P. M., Denton, E. R. E. és mtsai: Malignant esophageal fistulas and perforations: management with plastic-covered metallic endoprotheses. Radiology, 1997, 204 , 527

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Progress in Agricultural Engineering Sciences
Authors: Mai Sao Dam, Lien Le Phuong Nguyen, Tamás Zsom, Géza Hitka, Ildikó Csilla Zeke, and László Friedrich

, therefore perforation packaging is useful to enhance gas exchange and to prevent anaerobic conditions ( Klaiber et al., 2005 ). The earlier report figured out that product easily deteriorated rather by depleting oxygen than by increasing of carbon dioxide

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Self-expanding metal stents are used to relieve left-sided colonic obstruction either as a palliative measure or as a bridge to surgery. While there are definite advantages, the procedure does have significant complications, perforation of bowel being the most common with significant morbidity and mortality. A case of late perforation due to colonic stent erosion is presented.

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The effects of mechanical perforation densities by extracting soil cores through an aerator Vertidrain with a working width of 1.6 m and equipped with hollow tines spaced of 65 mm, were studied on a sandy soil of a grassy sward in the Golf Course El Kantaoui in Sousse (Tunisia). The mechanical aeration was performed at two densities: 250 and 350 holes/m2. The cone penetration resistance and soil water infiltration were measured. These parameters were performed at initial state before aeration (E0) and then on the 10th, 20th and 30th day after aeration. These results showed that perforation density of 350 holes/m2 had a positive effect on the soil by reducing its cone resistance to penetration compared to the initial state (Rp = 14.8 daN/cm2). At 5 cm depth the decrease in resistance to penetration was 34% and 43% on the 10th and 20th day after aeration, respectively. However, on the 30th day after aeration the soil resistance to penetration tended to grow and its value compared to the initial state decreased only by 21 and 26%, respectively, at 5 and 15 cm of depth only by 10% and 9% with 250 holes/m2 density. The soil water infiltration made a good improvement after aeration compared to the initial state. This parameter increased from 4.8 cm/h to 8.3, 10.9 and 13.1 cm/h with 250 holes/m2 density and to 10, 12.9 and 14.8 cm/h with 350 holes/m2 density on the 10th, 20th and 30th day following the aeration.

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Magyar Sebészet
Authors: Zsolt Baranyai, Ákos Balázs, Péter Kupcsulik, and László Harsányi

Irodalomjegyzék/References 1 Skinner DB, Little AG, DeMeester TR: Management of esophageal perforation. Am J Surg 1980; 139: 760–764. 2

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esophagus. Ann Surg 1978, 187: 634–637. 3 Finley RJ, Pearson G, Weisel RD. The management of nonmalignant intrathoracic esophageal perforation. Ann Thorac Surg 1980, 30

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Orvosi Hetilap
Authors: Zsolt Baranyai, Gábor Répássy Jr., Viktória Molnár, Gábor Forgács, Tamás Hacki, Valéria Jósa, Ákos Balázs, and Tamás Vass

References 1 Skinner DB, Little AG, DeMeester TR. Management of esophageal perforation. Am J Surg. 1980; 139: 760

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Interventional Medicine and Applied Science
Authors: Cem Atabekoğlu, İbrahim Yalçin, Salih Taşkin, Korhan Kahraman, and Murat Sönmezer

Contracept Fertil Sex 27 696 700 . 2. M. Harrison-Woolrych 2003 Uterine perforation

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