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Authors: János Tomcsányi, Béla Bózsik, György Rokszin, Zsolt Abonyi-Tóth and Lajos Katona

., Varker, H., Lin, J., et al.: Increasing prevalence of atrial fibrillation and flutter in the United States. Am. J. Cardiol., 2009, 104 , 1535–1539. Lin J. Increasing prevalence of

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Authors: I. Biksi, Márta Lőrincz, Beáta Molnár, T. Kecskés, N. Takács, Darja Mirt, A. Cizek, Z. Pejsak, G. Martineau, J. Sevin and O. Szenci

Bahnson, P. B., Damman, D. J., Isaacson, R. E., Miller, G. Y., Weigel, R. M. and Troutt, H. F. (2006): Prevalence and serovars of Salmonella enterica isolated from ileocolic lymph nodes of market pigs reared

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Authors: Andrea Babic-Erceg, Tatjana Vilibic-Cavlek, Marijan Erceg, Emilija Mlinaric-Missoni and Josip Begovac

., Cattamanchi, A., Davis, J.L., Yoo, S.D., Byanyima, P., Kaswabuli, S., Goodman, C.D., Huang, L.: International HIV-associated Opportunistic Pneumonias Study Low prevalence of Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) but high prevalence of Pneumocystis dihydropteroate

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Authors: Jesús Manuel Romo-Gallegos, Carlos Cruz-Vázquez, Leticia Medina-Esparza, Miguel Ramos-Parra and Dora Romero-Salas

. Bishop , S. , King , J. , Windsor , P. , Reichel , M. P. , Ellis , J. and Slapeta , J. ( 2010 ): The first report of ovine cerebral neosporosis and evaluation of Neospora caninum prevalence in sheep in New South Wales . Vet. Parasitol. 170

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Authors: Luis Francisco Sánchez-Anguiano, Nadia Velázquez-Hernández, Fernando Martín Guerra-Infante, Marisela Aguilar-Durán, Alma Rosa Pérez-Álamos, Sergio Estrada-Martínez, José Antonio Navarrete-Flores, Ada Agustina Sandoval-Carrillo, Elizabeth Irasema Antuna-Salcido, Jesús Hernández-Tinoco and Cosme Alvarado-Esquivel

. trachomatis causes pneumonia and sepsis [ 10 ]. In men, C. trachomatis causes urethritis and epididymitis [ 11 ]. Little is known about the epidemiology of C. trachomatis infection in Mexico. The prevalence of C. trachomatis in women in Mexico

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Authors: Augusto Carluccio, Ippolito De Amicis, Monica Probo, Brunella Giangaspero and Maria Cristina Veronesi

primiparous cows ( Vandeplassche et al., 1963 ; Noakes et al., 2001 ). The literature emphasises the fact that the prevalence of uterine prolapse is highly variable but generally low within the bovine population, ranging between 0.2% ( Odegaard, 1977 ) and 0

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Authors: Jaime Vargas-Arzola, Aristeo Segura-Salvador, Honorio Torres-Aguilar, Mario Urbina-Mata, Sergio Aguilar-Ruiz, D. Lucía Díaz-Chiguer, Adrián Márquez-Navarro, Lázaro Morales-Reyes, Noé Alvarado-Vásquez and Benjamín Nogueda-Torres

, face-wash per day, shared items, income level, cleanliness, or living in close contact with older adults have been linked to the infection by Demodex [ 9 ]. Demodex mites can be found in Europe, Asia, and America. Although, in Mexico, a prevalence

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Authors: Jaime Vargas-Arzola, Leobardo Reyes-Velasco, Aristeo Segura-Salvador, Adrián Márquez-Navarro, Dylan Díaz-Chiguer and Benjamín Nogueda-Torres

96 100 Horváth, A., Neubrandt, D. M., Ghidán, A., Nagy, K.: Risk factors and prevalence of Demodex mites in young adults. Acta Microbiol. Immunol. Hung. 58 , 145–155 (2011

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Authors: Ferenc Harangi, Katalin Lőrinczy, Anett Lázár, Mária Örkényi, Mária Adonyi and Béla Sebők

Anthracopoulos, M., Karatza, A., Liolios, E. és mtsai: Prevalence of asthma among schoolchildren in Patras, Greece: three surveys over 20 years. Thorax, 2001, 56 , 569

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Atas, A. D., Ozcelik, S. and Saygý, G. 1997: The occurrence of helminth species in stray dogs, their prevalence and public health significance in Sivas (in Turkish). Acta Parasitologica Turcica 21 , 305-309. The occurrence of

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