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Az n-3 zsírsavak hatása nagy teljesítményű tenyészkocák fontosabb termelési és szaporodásbiológiai paramétereire

Effect of n-3 fatty acids on the performance and reproduction parameters of modern sows

Scientia et Securitas
Róbert Roszkos

., Abayasekara, D. R. E., & Aitken, R. J. (2007) Polyunsaturated fatty acids in male and female reproduction. Biology of Reproduction, Vol. 77. Issue 2. pp. 190–201.

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Changes in plasma DHEA, testosterone (T) and 17-B-oestradiol (E2) levels were examined in domestic geese of both sexes in the fall and winter. The levels of steroid hormones were determined in blood plasma by means of radio-immunoassay (RIA). A so-called second (autumn) cycle was induced in geese via a dark-room preparation and natural keeping conditions. The plasma levels of DHEA showed a minor peak at onset of the autumn breeding and a major one prior to the more intense spring reproduction in both sexes. The seasonal curves of plasma DHEA appeared fairly similar in ganders and layers and without considerable differences between the absolute values. In ganders, plasma DHEA peaks preceded the elevations in T levels in the fall and spring alike. With layers, in turn, the autumn and spring peaks of plasma DHEA appeared after the peaks in E2 levels. With ganders, the concentration of plasma T seemed to predominate between the two androgens throughout the experimental period. With layers, in turn, the concentration of DHEA surpassed the level of plasma E2 at the time of the peak periods and other times during the study, as well. In domestic geese, DHEA is probably involved in the autumn physiological processes and the induction of reproduction during fall and early spring periods, alike.

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A posztpartum depresszió evolúciós megközelítései

Evolutionary theories of postpartum depression

Magyar Pszichológiai Szemle
Bernadett Szita

American Medical Association , 296 ( 21 ), 2616 – 2618 . Wood , J. W. ( 1994 ). Dynamics of Human Reproduction: Biology, Biometry, Demography . New York, NY : Aldine De

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