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Authors: Lisa Lole, En Li, Alex M. Russell, Nancy Greer, Hannah Thorne and Nerilee Hing

, as well as requiring them to include a responsible gambling message (e.g.,  Australian Association of National Advertisers, 2018 ; Australian Communications and Media Authority, 2018 ; Federal Register of Legislation, 1992 ). Thus, while the content

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Introduction In the gambling studies field, responsible gambling (RG) has become an important topic for researchers, regulators, policymakers, and the gaming industry. RG tools and initiatives have been introduced by social RG

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Recommendations for increasing research on co-occurring serious mental illness and gambling problems

Commentary on: Disordered gambling and psychosis: Prevalence and clinical correlates (Cassetta et al., 2018)

Authors: Rebecca E. Pullman, Marc N. Potenza and Shane W. Kraus

in vulnerable populations. Such efforts are needed to promote responsible gambling in the setting of gambling expansion, particularly in Massachusetts. Despite evidence indicating that SMI frequently co-occurs with problem gambling ( Cassetta

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for pop-up responsible gambling messages, such as those tested within the present experiment, is to interrupt these dissociative states that can be experienced by gamblers. Therefore, dissociation represents a psychological construct that may shed

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gambling: The National Responsible Gambling Programme South-African Medical Journal 101 10 722 723 . R. M

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among those who gambled in the previous month and using the PGSI, 0.9% were classified as high-risk gamblers. Limit-setting as a responsible gambling (RG) tool Over the past couple of years, the gambling industry has

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; Newall, 2015 ). They can therefore increase betting-related harm through undermining informed decision-making ( Hing et al., 2017 ), a key principle underpinning responsible gambling ( Blaszczynski, Ladouceur, & Shaffer, 2004 ; Parke, Harris, Parke

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Authors: Thomas B. Swanton, Alex Blaszczynski, Cynthia Forlini, Vladan Starcevic and Sally M. Gainsbury

projects that have received funding and in-kind support through her institution from Australian Research Council, NSW Liquor and Gaming, Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, National Association for Gambling Studies, Manitoba Gambling Research Program

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: maturity of the market (e.g., the activities have lost their novel appeal), responsible gambling policies, or people adapting to gambling. However, these trends also suggest that the argument in favor of policies that target the larger population of

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Authors: Paul Delfabbro, Daniel L. King and Neophytos Georgiou

serious harm. Accordingly, there have been a number of attempts to capture what might be considered protective or responsible gambling behaviours or ‘safe gambling practices’ ( Hing, Russell, & Hronis, 2018 ). Some examples of these safe gambling practices

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